Sunday, 13 January 2019

Ndoma slams opponent, says Sandy Onor can't bring valuables to the state

Ukorebi Esien, 12th January, 2019.

The current chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission, and National Assembly hopeful for the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State, under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Sen. Victor Ndoma Egba as continued in his move to convince electorates why he is the best hands for the Red Chambers' job at the national Assembly even as he throws a soft jab at his opponent. 

Speaking with newsmen, at his Calabar residence, the four term senatorial representative who is seeking to return to the Senate after loosing the ticket in 2015 to Sen. Owan Enoh said his years of experience at the legislature places him at an advantagious position to serve effectively compared to his strongest opposition, Ntufam Onor who will be campaigning with promises while he has proven records to show. 

"I am running on my records, while my opponent will be running on Promises" He boasted. 

The eminent politician and former leader of the National Assembly, noted that the perculia nature of the state requires her to not only have experience hands in the 9th senate but someone who can bring value to the state as well as align the state with the National government. He however noted that Dr. Sandy Onor is qualified to be a representative but quickly added that, sandy can't achieve for the state what she needs now in terms of traction and aligning the state with the Federal Government.


In his word: "Essentially I let people know that the Senate especially in the peculiar circumstances of Cross River is about sending somebody who brings value and somebody who will align the state with the national government in Abuja.

"My friend and colleague, Dr Sandy Onor is eminately qualified but he will not be achieving what Cross River needs for now which is aligning our state with the center  and in any case he will not be bringing the kind of traction the state needs now".  He informed.

"And off course as a ranking member of the National Assembly, ranking in the Senate comes with a lot of privillages which will not be available to a first time Senator, 
So I am essentially running the race on my records, letting my records speak for me".

"Many of you here were with me in 2014 when we toured my projects, if you recall, we stopped at project number 74. We did not exhaust the projects we had because the projects were about 90 but for want of time we couldn't tour all of them".  

We have it on record that we secured employment for young men and women from central Cross River and Cross River in general to the tune of 358 in Federal Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments. And I believe we can do more than that in the future".

"I am running on my records and my brother and friend  who is running under the People's Democratic Party certainly will be running on promises. He can only run on promises, I am not running on promises I am running on my established verifiable records". He concluded.