Saturday, 5 January 2019

Owan is a lawmaker who wants to be governor, he should lead by example - CRISSAA boss

04 January, 2019 | Ukorebi 

The Director General of Cross River State Signage and Advertisment Agency,( CRISSAA) Mr. Stanley Nsemo has said that the APC gubernatorial candidate in Cross River, Sen John Owan Enoh should behave as the lawmaker he is and obey the state advertising laws if he must put up his billboards within the state. 

Nsemo said this in a telephone conversation with TDN while responding to the Senator's threat of ensuring he either leads his party members to pull the incumbent governor's billboards or replicate the arrest of the governor's Senior aides just as it happened in neighboring Akwa Ibom state should his billboards be brought down again.  

Sen. Owan had on the 1st of January, 2019, in a Press conference accused the state government of not wanting him to publicise his gubernatorial ambition through billboards and banners as the state owned adversting agency keeps removing his billboards while they task him exorbitantly.
"Ayade can't stand my billboards, go and tell him, I am ready for him". Owan had said. 

In his response, the Director General of CRISSAA, had told TDN that Senator John Owan Enoh's Campaign organization had faulted the agency's advertising rules and guiledlines which was properly announced on radio long even before the primaries elections took place and as such nobody will claim ignorance of the set rules and guidelines governoring advertisment in the state. 

His words: 

"We had floated our ads on radio several months even before the primary elections were held by political parties, clearly stating a total ban on paper posters, we took a cue from Lagos State. When you get to Lagos, you will see the entire streets and walls has been littered and defaced with posters and I knew it will be like that in Calabar if measures are not put in place, so we preempted it, and we came up with that advert placing a total ban on paper posters with a fine of N5million for defaulters. 

"And unfortunately, Owan defaulted and I even had to take photographs of the paper poster he and other aapurabts pasted and  posted on my facebook wall as evidence. We later sent a letter to them requesting that they have two weeks to take those things off the street or they be fined but they refused, we had to pay our staff to go round the streets of Calabar, and all over the state to take those things off. We had to send them a letter stating that they have been fined N5m. The fine is that high to serve as a deter to others". He noted. 

"I have recordings of phone conversation between me and Owan, because I had suspected it will get to this. When he called me, I said to him Senator, your people have been going around pasting paper posters and he said he was not aware of the pasting of paper poster. And I told him how can you tell me you are not aware of it when it is the same material on the poster that is on the billboard you are about mounting?  In anycase, before we even talk, go and sort out with Advertising Practioners Council of Nigeria, APCON, come to CRISSAA and pay your fees.

"Later, Owan himself called me that he knows he has defaulted the rules and guidelines he was supposed to have followed, apologizing for the mistakes of his boys for pasting his posters on the walls and said he was sending his people to come and meet, I said there's no problem while I also reminded him of the outstanding fine of N5m. 

"Owan brought N2m cash to me as CRISSAA fee which I paid into government account and sent the teller to him, so he will know I did not touch his money, now before he paid that fee he had already gone ahead in the northern and central senatorial district to put up their own metal board and mounted his banner on it which is very illegal. He called me again apologising that he knows that my people has gone to bring down that his board in Ogoja, that please and please he wasn't aware and that his boys acted on their own they went ahead without his permision and he knows it is his fault and it is his materials, I said to him senator, regarledss of what you are saying to me, you have violated again, you already have a fine and this thing they have done attracts another fine, which makes the total fine N10m. 

"I told Owan's DG, Maurice Effiwat that they still have an outstanding fine to pay so they should not do anything until they clear their outstanding.  Even if they had come to the office to negotiate, I would have listened to them, but they refused to negotiate, which was the least they could do, rather they went ahead to mount a massive billboard at the airport road on an illegal stand whose owner has not renew his subscription with CRISSAA and I sent for it to be brought down. 

"The next thing I heard was Owan calling me and threatening me   that I am taking it personal because of the governor and I am acting his script. Truth is that I am a professional, I have a job to do, forget politics, I have a voice, I will speak for myself as an Efik young, I will speak as a young man, but with regards to my job, I will do my job. 

"I have personally brought down PDP's campaign billboards and the person sent a text to his excellency that I am working for APC. When PDP says am working for APC and APC says I am working for PDP, I don't know what to do again. They should just understand that I am doing my job.


"How can owan who wants to be a governor, and he understands that there's a set of rules that have been set and will not want to play by the rules? Owan wants to brand after he has gone afoul, will that be fair to other candidates? Let Owan go and pay his fine and see if I will disturb him again. He should go and make amends of his wrong. 

"I spoke to Owan, he called me for over 30 minutes, and I told him distinguish, I am telling you what you need to do, there's no two ways about it, you just need to do what you need to do, there's prove that you have faulted. The fine was not meant just for Owan, it's across board both for political and none political adverts. 

"As Owan Enoh wants to leads us he should lead by example, the fact that he participated to deface the state is a bad thing and now that's he has been fined, he should lead by example. Is this the kind government we are looking for, a government that will take laws into their hands and do as they see? Except he wants to tell us that he will a leader that will have set of rules for himself and another for the masses. 

"I am not asking him for money nor favours rather all we want is that the right thing should be done, he has called me several times to come and see him but I have refused to. He concluded.