Thursday, 17 January 2019

PDP stalwart defect to APC as Owan takes Bekwara by storm

A former Vice chairman of Bekwara LGA of Cross River State, Hon. Christopher Odey and a serving ward chairman of the PDP in Bekwara Local Government Area have both led no less than 19 big wigs of the People's Democratic Party with a large crowd of their supporters to decamp to the APC, as Sen. John Owan Enoh took his campaign train to Bekwara where he was received by a sea of crowd.

Receiving the decampees, the state chairman, mr Ochicha said they were all welcome even as the gubernatorial candidate of the party enjoined them to do more work in APC than they did for the PDP soul as to secure victory for the party. 

While campaigning for support from the mammoth crowd, Sen John Owan Enoh told them that turning out in their numbers to receive him was a great statement, which shows that they have realised the mistakes they made in 2015 by voting the incumbent governor into office. 

He told the people that Ayade has abandoned them and the Obudu Abochiche road. That he knows Ayade is watching is campaigns and in a few days will want to deceive them by deploying tractors into the road because he knows the elections are close. 

"Today you've made a statement, and that statement is that as a state we made a mistake in 2015 by voting Ayade into office. And you don't need me to show you the indications of that mistake, because it is very evident in the state of affairs of our dear state. 

"Ayade has abandoned the road between Abochiche and obudu. In the next few days he will bring tractors into the road in order to deceive people. All He knows to do is to deceive the people"

Ayade is watching my campaign and he is very afraid. Very soon Ayade will come to campaign because he usually waits for me to start a thing before he does too. 
When he comes here he will come with power. 

"He will come to show you power, he will come with big cars and soldiers and all the paraphenrnial of government. Is that one power? 
The real power is when he comes here to show you what he has done in four years. 

"Even me who is not governor I have visited more Northern villages than he who is from the Northern district of the state and he is the siting governor. In the last three days I have been sleeping in the North but Ayade has never slept in the North before and he will never. We didn't elect an emperor in 2015 who cares only about himself 

I am that good friend that is better than a bad brother, Owan to Northerners. I am the one that will come and provide life in that government house. The first thing I will do is to conduct local government elections.