Thursday, 17 January 2019

The legislative experience of Nodma Egba is what C'River central needs - aide


To those who argue that EXPERIENCE is not an important consideration to determine who we send to the Senate in Cross River Central and that when Senator Ndoma-Egba was elected into the Senate in 2003, he had no prior experience, here is our take:

When Senator Ndoma-Egba went to the senate in 2003 for his first term, that institution was still finding its feet in the 4th Republic. Today it has become a complex labyrinth of specialities, lobbying, intrigues, and so much more. There is nothing wrong with a fresher going there but it should be where those with legislative experience are not available or have performed too poorly to be reconsidered. No matter what any detractor says or writes, the experience possessed by Ndoma-Egba both as a lawyer and as an effective legislator comes in very handy. His records of performance cannot be erased. 

Team Victor Ndoma-Egba is not begrudging any of our opponents for running elections. But the truth, which is bitter to some of them is that  LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE COUNTS IN THE LEGISLATURE and the people of Cross River Central will vote for this experience because we are in a hurry to tackle our existing developmental challenges headlong,and straightaway. There is not time to waste on a "learning period". That is the peculiarity of our situation and fortunately, the greater majority of our people appreciate this. 

The "pull him down at all cost" attitude of some of our opponents smacks of excessive desperation. Let's play the politics with ethics and decorum. At Team Victor Ndoma-Egba, we deal with issues and facts because we are convinced that is the way to go. That is the essence and personality of Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba.

Sunny Udeh
Director of Media & Communications
Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba Campaign Organization