Sunday, 20 January 2019

UCTH CMD Contest: Disgusting fabrications of quack bloggers

A recent post by a not too sound writer whom i doubt to be a journalist of repute went into the social media and cast aspersions on the Head of Service of the federation and several other respectable board members of University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Calabar
The article is not only libelous but disgusting as no journalist worth his pen will pen down mere fabrications and hearsays in attempt to malign highly respected Nigerians nay Cross Riverians of timber caliber.

 The facts against this libelous write up are very clear and needs no binoculars to see them.

1. In an election conducted by MDCAN (all Consultants in UCTH) for the position in 2010, Dr Ikpeme came 1st. Dr Agan came 5th but board room politics by the corrupt PDP government made Dr Agan CMD.

2. In an election conducted by the MDCAN for CMD in 2019 (9 years later), Prof Ikpeme came 1st again (48 votes), Prof Ngim came 2nd (22votes) while Prof Agan's candidate, Dr Edet Ikpi came a distant 3rd(11votes). This is eloquent testimony of Prof Ikpeme's popularity and the peoples' belief in his abilities as a leader and manager of human and material resources. 

3. The UCTH CMD interview was conducted by the Board & Federal Ministry of Health with observers from other FGN agencies. 

4. There was a written examination which contributed 60% to the total of 100% available marks.

5. Other items scored were vision & mission (plans) for the hospital, grants and innovations attracted to the hospital, academic qualifications, administrative qualifications and experience.

6. You may notice that these are objective criteria set by the Federal Ministry of Health and NOT by the board. There is therefore no way giving money to the board would have influenced anything.

7. Did Prof Ikpeme's team also give money to Consultants in UCTH who consistently over a 9 year period have chosen him as the best man to run the hospital?

8. Prof Ikpeme emerged because the board process was now objective and transparent. For example, in terms of administrative qualifications, he was the only person who had both a PGDM and an MBA. He also had the best and organized vision and mission plans for UCTH. 

9. You may also wish to confirm that he was the best graduating MBA student in the University of Calabar in 2015. He prepared himself well for the office he was seeking. 

10. You can conduct an independent investigation to find out who the majority of staff in UCTH would want as their CMD. It is Prof Ikpeme.

11. Ask those in the Orthopaedic clinic what changes and improvements he brought to the place within 3 months in office as HOD Orthopaedics.

It is also known that in addition to being firm, fair, even-handed, transparent, honest and believer in accountability, hardworking, visionary and transformational, Prof Ikpeme is a strict disciplinarian. 

UCTH is in a terrible state, that is why the people, except for a few undisciplined bunches, want him so that he can lead a renaissance of the hospital.