Saturday, 5 January 2019

What Sen Ndoma Egba told APC about destruction of Billboards will shock you

07 January, 2019 | Ukorebi 

Sen. Victor Ndoma Egba, Chairman Niger Delta Development Commission and current candidate of the APC for the Central Senatorial seat in the Red Chambers had condemned in totality the destruction of campaign billboards by both APC and PDP supporters in Cross River state. 

While condemning the act, the former lawmaker disclosed that violent is most times is a result of lack of ideas, as he said the act of destroying billboards either by APC or PDP is capable of instigating violents in an election that promises to be free and fair. 

Advising every candidate to go out into the field and sell what they can offer to the people, running their campaigns based on their records and not promises, Ndoma made it clear that the act of destroying opponent's campaign materials is condemnable and not acceptable, 
no matter who is doing it. The people must be allowed to make their choice.


His words reads in full:

There's this saying that violence is the argument of a man who has run out of logic. when you see someone who becomes violent and start destroying things then the person has run out of logic. 

I recall that the governorship candidate of the APC, Sen John Owan Enoh addressed the press and complained that his billboards were been destroyed.

It doesn't speak well, democracy is all about choice, I don't see how the presence of a billboard will affect how somebody votes. So the destruction of whether it is done by APC to PDP billboards or PDP to APC billboards  is condemnable, it's not acceptable.

The people must be allowed to make their choice very free 
and pulling down billboards is just going to instigate violent in an election that promises to be free and fair, so I condemn it, no matter who is doing it. Every candidate should go out there in the field and sell what they can do If you had been in office you should be able to ride your records and not promises".