Tuesday, 12 February 2019

2019 budget: What Ayade presented is a complete scam -Eyo Ekpo

Ukorebi Esien 

The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party, (SDP), Mr. Eyo Ekpo has accused Governor Ben Ayade of deceiving Cross Riverians with a none existence budget presention to the House of Assembly. 

Mr. Ekpo who was briefing newsmen in his campaign office in Calabar said that what Ayade presented before the house can not be recognized as a budget as it was a document without content and as such shouldn't be accepted as a budget.

According to him "What Ayade recently presented cannot be called a budget. It's a complete scam. No paper was even laid before the assembly for debate. What would they be debating on? He went to the assembly to give a chat and not to present a budget".

He added that the "development has further shown what Cross Riverians have been facing in the past four years; insult from the Governor. This is why there should have been loud voice everywhere demanding the impeachment of the Governor".

The former Attorney General and commissioner for Justice of Cross River State also took a swipe on the incumbent governor for poor performance as well as destroying the legacies of the state, adding that the northern senatorial district of the state where Ayade comes from has suffered more neglect and deprivation in terms of good governance than any other zone under his watch.

"Paradoxically It is the most deprived part of the state even though it has an astonishing poulation and land mass, the Northern part of Cross River State where the governor comes from has been deprived of every aspect of good governance in the last four years more than every other part of Cross River and the people are suffering in silence while they are expected to support their brother  who is one of them".

Ekpo,  revealed that the district are now more concerned about good governance than zoning or where the Governor comes from. 

In hiswords: "Despite the fact that the Governor is from the north, the major asset which is the 147Km Mfon-Obudu road has been taken away from the people. He has destroyed other few assets in the north. Last year during the burial of Late John Odey, the Governor promised that the road would be commissioned before December but from what we saw it doesn't look like anything would happen even if Ayade is given another four years".

He added that the two major political parties, the PDP and APC have failed in delivering good governance in the state as such SDP was the better alternative which would reposition the state in the part of greatness.

According to him "We started our state wide tour last week from the north. Why we started from the north is simple; because the Governor is from the north. From what we saw, I can tell you that Cross River North is the most deprived part of the state under Ayade.

He added that "the people of the north and the entire state are waiting for respite from the SDP because the two major political parties have failed us".