Monday, 4 February 2019

Ayade camp swell by 15, 000 as Igbo youths conclude plans to endorse him

Ayade camp of supporters on Sunday increases by 15,000 persons as the strong Igbo Youths across the 18 LGAs of Cross River State have unanimously concluded  plans to officially carry out the endorsement of Governor Ben Ayade as their candidate for the 2019 gubernatorial election fixed for March 2, 2019.

The 15,000 Strong Igbo Youths, who spoke through their President, Mr. Okechukwu Uwanzie in collaboration with the office of the Non-indigene Affairs and it's Special Adviser, Alhaji Musa Maigoro, and Special Assistant, Non-indigene, Alhaji Abdulkaeim Adamu, disclosed that they have all agreed individually and collectively as a youth body of the Igbo in the State to endorse Senator Ayade for second term.

He explained that the officially endorsement is to be carried out very soon where the strong 15,000 Igbo Youths with their 15, 000 PVCs will prove to Ayade's that they will all cast their individual votes for the Obudu Born Governor.

The Igbo Youths President, praised Ayade for his development initiatives and massive provision of appointments and employment for both indigenes and Non-indigene in the state, and disclosed that the main reason for supporting Ayade is his provision of 200 appointment to Non-indigenes in the state to serve in his cabinet.

"The main reason for this massive endorsement of His Excellency the governor for second term by the Igbo Youths in Cross River State, besides his superlative performances in other areas is his provision of 200 appointments to Non-indigene in Cross River without discrimination.

In the history of Cross River State, no past Government ever open such a wide arms to embrace Non-indigenes in the state in terms of appointing them into his cabinet as does Governor Ben Ayade in less than four years in office"

Uwanzie, lauded Ayade for providing a conducive environment in the state for their businesses to blossom in leaps and bounds in the state and for recognizing them as a people who can contribute to the development of their host communities and as brothers with cultural affinity and brothers of who have lived together in the old Eastern Region of Nigeria.

"We thank His Excellency for giving our business the face to progress, to grow in the state because of the peace we are enjoying courtesy of Senator Ben Ayade. Your excellency has proven that we are merely call, non indigene by language,  but that we are indigene by birth from the time of our parents till date and that we have the same culture and traditions and had lived together in the same old Eastern Region".

The office of the non indigene through the office of  Igbo Youths President in  Cross River state decides to mobilize the Igbo youths for Ayade 2019 reelection because majority of the youths have their PVCs and have 15, 000 members across the state.