Thursday, 7 February 2019


Political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group, people, area or as the case maybe. It is also a period where the said group or people use as a means to bargain or ask for inclusive governance, rural development or what they stand to achieve in exchange for their votes or support. 

These were my expectations until they were all cut short. Out of all the issues confronting Obubra as a people, I thought it was the best opportunity for Obubra as a people to confront the Governor especially with the fact that the Governor was visiting the Urban area for the first time after he was massively voted, elected and supported by the same Obubra LGA.

Each of the Local Government areas in the State has two Commissioners, some even have three Commissioners, but Obubra has only one, which is Commissioner for Commerce and Industry (Mr Peter Egba)

Ben Ayade has broken even with massive appointments yet Obubra appears to have the least number of slots. 

The Izi/Obubra communal crisis continue to linger, residents live in fear. Schools, markets, health centers shut down out of fear with little or no sign of the Governor looking in that direction.

As part of the Governor's industrialization drive, large parcel of farmlands were destroyed without any compensation to the farmers, until now, there is no sign of starting the feed mill as promised by the Governor.

Amongst other issues, I felt the ones above would have been the main discussion as I listened to the Speakers,  I was disappointed especially with the Students Union Representatives (supposed next generation), they were already brainwashed. 

They were all singing praises, pouring encomiums and all the balderdash, maybe to guarantee them the next plate of food on the table. 

It is worthy to note that the recently released INEC register, Obubra has 104,090 registered voters, which is a good number to bargain especially for inclusive governance and rural development.

These politicians are like the Police, you need to always and constantly remind them of their responsibilities when the rare opportunity shows up. When you sing praises, they think they have done too well.

Obubra, the time to wake up for progress is now!!