Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Owan Enoh is not better than Ayade, says stunch APC supporter

A stunch supporter and die hard fan of president Muhammadu Buhari and supposed chieftain of All Progressive Congress has openly said that the APC gubernatorial candidate in Cross River State, Sen Owan Enoh is no where better than his PDP rival, Sen Prof. Ben Ayade who happens to be the incumbent governor of the state.

It is no news that Mr. Peter Inyali is a stunch APC member and a one time Media/Publicity aide to a former governorship aspirant of the party, Mr. John Upan Odey, and has since been very vocal in his support for the reelection bid of president Buhari. 

Aside being vocal in supporting Buhari's ambition, Inyali seems to be the only APC member in Cross River State who has openly shown his dislike for the choice of his Party's gubernatorial candidate.  

In a recent social media post Inyali boldly threw a bomb that may soon explode if not handled with care when he publicly said that he decided not to support his party's governorship candidate because the candidate his party presented to Cross Riverians is no where near being better than Ayade, thus his support for Ayade who is also an Obudu man like him. 

According to Inyali "Recently, I asked an Exco member of my party that, who told them that if I could critique Gov. Ayade as Obudu man, I can't decide to also support him when I know that the alternative my party is presenting is not better also as an Obudu? Was I a Cameronian when I was disagreeing with the government's policies?"

Inyali who made this revelations in his post tittled, APC: Those who blackmailed me for supporting Ayade are today working for PDP has since received a lot of back lash from party faithfuls, especially Mr. Bassey Ita, the state Publicity Secretary of APC who threatened that Inyali likely to be dismembered for anti-party activities. 

Inyali's post reads in part: 

When I refused to support any of the governorship candidates of my party out of protest and principle, I was called names. Some said Governor Ayade paid me heavily to project him as a better candidate as if I needed to be paid to see the truth and say it.

...Like I've told everybody I've had opportunity to share my opinion with, I'm not supporting Gov. Ayade today as a fanatic. I'm not doing it because I expect anything from him if he wins but I'm doing it to satisfy my conscience.

Those who have said if APC wins I won't benefit anything are correct. I'm not actually looking forward to getting anything. 

My objective is that in the end when I look back whether Gov. Ayade wins or not, let me be proud and happy that I stood for what I believed in. I followed my convictions.

The greatest regret a man can have is betraying his convictions. I repeat, whether Gov Ayade wins or not, I want to be happy at the end of the elections that I fought for a course I believe in.

My loyalty is first to my conscience and convictions before anything.

I want to advise all those who blackmailed me, called me names some of whom are openly working against the party's candidates in some elections to also condemn themselves for committing the same offence they accused me of committing.

Finally, I want to say that people don't necessarily need to like this or my opinion about other issues but just like I respect other people's opinion that I don't share, mine too should be respected.