Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Shocking: Obong of Calabar kicks against zoning as Owan promises better days

C'River 2019: Zoning won't bring development to the state -Obong of Calabar 

The Obong of Calabar and Paramount Ruler of the Efiks, his Eminence Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V has called on Cross Riverians and residents of Cross River State alike to shun zoning in the forthcoming general elections and vote in anyone that can bring good governance and social amenities to the state, while kicking against zoning he advised the state to return to the good old days of unity and brotherliness saying "Zoning will continue to divide us".

The Patriarch who made this known in his Palace while receiving the campaign train of Senator John Owan Enoh yesterday said  " In the past nobody has presented to us a blueprint as it is more of a one family arrangement where the adopted candidate becomes the anointed ". He also said that "The division in zoning doesn't really help and unless indigenes wake up and put a stop to it, this will continue to divide us. Cross Riverians were together".

"The fortunate thing is that all of us are interrelated. We have to go back and reintegrate as one". The Obong advocated for a change in attitude saying "Let us change our ways and change the concept. All I am appealing is that let us see ourselves as one. That understanding and brotherhood must be there. I appeal to all of you to look at this politics as coming to serve and learn to have a free mind to deliver service when elected".

While lending his voice, A Nigerian Ambassador to Uganda, Etubom Nya Asuquo made clear to the Etubom in council and the large crowd present that the senator John Owan Enoh leadership team is prepared to restore the lost glory of our state saying "We are here to let you know that we cannot continue in this state of maladministration and extreme suffering in the land. We are here to tell you that we are coming to restore back our state, to bring back development". According to him " All our lands have been seized and privatised and it is the intention of this team if elected to bring back those lands. We assure you that we will not let you down".

 Speaking earlier, the gubernatorial candidate, of the All Progressives Congress, Sen. John Owan Enoh emphasized on the need for Calabar to have a special status in Nigeria banking his thoughts on the premise of Calabar being the first capital territory of Nigeria. The gubernatorial hopeful also promised the royals fathers present that if given the mantle of leadership, his administration will make a difference. 

In his words: " I want to make a commitment that I will be the first to make a difference. When you do well, your people don't forget you and for me I have been doing well and will continue to do better if given the opportunity". He added that his administration will focus on the development of the state saying "Let us separate politics from the development of our people. Governance is serious business and it's time we begin to approach it in that light". According to the senator " I speak to you passionately because I know what I can do. I am on a mission to return our state to those old good days". 

Sen. John also made known his desire to bring rapid development in the state by putting in place adequate infrastructures that will drive economic expansion and development in Cross River State.

According to him: "There is too much politics going on now, we have to have a change of focus, lets talk about development, its politics when we put zoning above performance, and only when we look at neigboring states and see how much they have done in a short time, can we appreciate the need to put the development of our state above sentiments"

High point of the visit was the royal blessing from the Obong to the gubernatorial as well as other candidates vying for elective positions under the platform of the party.