Thursday, 14 March 2019

Against all odds, Alex Egbona receives Certificate of return as a NASS member

Chief Alex Egbona, winner of the just concluded National Assembly election for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency today was presented with his certificate of return by the Nation's electoral umpire.

The Abi born politician, joined over 300 other of his colleagues nationwide to receive his certificate of return. 

Earlier, TDN had reported that he might not be issued the Certificate of return owing to the announcement made by INEC. INEC had initially warned those whose names were not listed on its website to stay clear of the event as they won't be issued any Certificate until all pending cases in sorrounding their elections are cleared.

Checking INEC's website one could see that Chief Egbona's name was conspicuously missing which INEC's remark stated "Court Order".

But surprisingly, Chief Alex Egbona was this afternoon seen on social media displaying his certificate of return as issued by INEC.

This is Nigeria, where anything is possible.

With the issuance of Certificate of return to Chief Alex Egbona and subsequent swearing-in of the 9th Assembly, all hope may be lost for Rt. Hon. John Gaul who still believes he never lost the elections to Alex Egbona. 

Gaul had rejected the outcome of the polls and the result as announce by INEC, insisting that the election was marred with violence, rigging and manipulation by INEC staff in favour of his rival, chief Egbona especially in the Ekureku one and two council wards where he insisted that the electoral umpire must carry out a rerun.