Friday, 8 March 2019


There is an article with the above title making the rounds and authored by Dominic Kidzu, the Chairman, Media Committee of the PDP Campaign Council for Cross River Central District. We would ordinarily ignore such a publication except that the assertions and events he referred to happened in his fertile and heavily biased  imagination. One of such is the spurious allegation that Senator Ndoma-Egba is trying to buy the INEC Returning and Collation Officers for the senatorial elections in Cross River Central District held on February 23, 2019.

While not interested in joining issues with Mr. Kidzu, we note that he has developed a penchant to regularly and baselessly attack the person and character of Senator Ndoma-Egba. This publication is one time too many, hence our even bothering to clear a few issues.

It is obvious that Mr. Kidzu is judging Senator Ndoma-Egba by his own low standards. As an old Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Senator Ndoma-Egba knows the legal options available to him and he will pursue them with vigour to the letter to ascertain the legality of their alleged victory. In his many years in the public sphere and in his private dealings, he has been defined by integrity and renowned as a stickler to  the rules, attributes that are lost on the author. By the way, the last time Senator Ndoma-Egba had a Peugeot 504 was in the early 1980s. So one wonders how he could have still been using it as a gate-away car in 2011 as alleged by Kidzu.

If an election has been won under  free, fair and credible circumstances, then the winner should not lose sleep. There is no need to fret and propagate baseless tales in the media. Or is that a sign of being fidgety, loss of peace of mind or plain apprehension?

Sunny Udeh
Director of Media and Communication 
Senator Ndoma-Egba Campaign Organization