Sunday, 17 March 2019

We have not offered enough services to demand taxes from our people - Ayade

| 17th March, 2019 | Ukorebi Esien 

The governor of Cross River state, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has said that the billboards with his image mounted across the state demanding taxes from Cross Riverians never got his approval and he is not in support of it message.

The governor made this known in a radio interview on Hit FM, Saturday morning  being his first official interview after INEC declared him winner of the 2019 Governorship election in Cross River state. 

Speaking during the interview, governor Ayade acknowledged seeing the bill boards but but said "it did not have my approval and I want to tell cross Riverians that I don't believe we have offered enough services to demand taxes from our low income earners".

While stressing that he doesn't believe in taxing citizens, especially those of low income, Ayade reminded Cross Riverians that there currently exist a law that prohibits and exempt low income earners from paying tax.

According to the governor, the list of the low income earners excluded from paying tax include but not limited to taxi drivers, okada riders, Saloon owners, Kios  owners, small restaurant operators etc.

"I have passed a law prohibiting and exempting low income earners from paying tax, If a man earns an income of 100,000 and below in a month it is too inadequate for government to mount pressure on him to pay tax I don't believe.

"I have not seen a country that tax her people to prosperity. Where there massive poverty, it is the responsibility of government to support the people not to oppress the people.

Expressing furry and anger, the governor disclosed that he is aware they are people in his government who still go about molesting unsuspecting public to pay tax, but vowed to implement massive penalty on anyone caught in such act.

"I do not believe in this tax drive and its not part of my government. This was what made industries to leave the Calabar, because of taxation. Hotels don't have power, diesel is a problem for them, salaries is a problem for them and then government mounting pressure on them to pay tax, this applies to ball other industries".

"This is not my style. I rather tax my brain than to tax my people. I tax my brain instead of taxing my people."
"So please let the public be aware that most of them have been exempted from taxes, I don't need that kind of money 
Saloon owners, okada, taxis, small restaurants, kios. They have all been exempted from taxes.

"I don't need that kind of money, i don't take money from a poor person, I think I have what makes me wealthy".

"And my people just keep doing it, there will be a massive penalty, If I find any person in government going into a saloon and seizing items, mounting checkpoint on the road stopping anybody from taking his produce to the market and ask him to pay, you were not there when the person was planting his groundnut or his oil palm, Government wants to make money from where it did not sow? That is not Ayade's style, I come from a poor background". He concluded.