Sunday, 28 April 2019

Donald Duke will fail if he tries to revamp tourism under Ayade's govt - Wofia

Ukorebi Esien | 29th April, 2019

The Social Democratic Party's Deputy governorship candidate in the just-concluded gubernatorial elections in Cross River State, Engineer. Wofia Ewa has reacted to a suggestion by a political analyst, Richard Romanus that Donald should be appointed by Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River state to oversee tourism development in the state. 

The suggestion which has since gone viral on social media was received with joy and excitement by Cross Riverians, believing it is a product of deep thinking which the governor must as a matter of urgency put into consideration. Many had applauded the idea, reaffirming, Romanus'  that Duke is the best man for the job to bring back the glory days of the state via tourism.

But on his part, Engineer Wofia Ewa, an SDP chieftain and allay to Donald Duke, seems to differ from popular view. First, he believes tourism is not an independent sector, but a reflection of the vibrancy of all other sectors of the economy such as health, power, education, infrastructure, etc.

Therefore, Wofia submitted that not even a genius like Donald Duke can successfully revamp tourism in a government that is led by Ayade, especially with the way and manner the governor is leading the state. Judging from the current state of affairs in the state, where every sector is failing and falling short of expectation.

Mr. Wofia who made his thought known via a social media conversation started by saying "There is no such thing as a Tourism Sector".

He further explained his line of thoughts by adding that, "I don't fault his(Romanus) great thoughts about wishing for a revamp of Tourism, but tourism feeds off Health, Infrastructure, Access, Power, etc. 

"To wish for a revamped of Tourism sector is to wish for improvements in these feeder sectors". He added.

"Why do we need a new Board when we have the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Bureau? That suggestion or wish is too academic." He questioned. 

Even if Donald were to be offered such a weird role, he will have to interface massively with heads of the feeder sectors because he will need a lot of the inputs from their remits into revamping Tourism.

 The current set up in governance will stifle any plans and actions, so again, this is purely academic.

When asked if he thinks Donald Duke will succeed in this role if given him, Wofia gave a shocking answer by saying 

"Not with the current set up and governance style. He will fail!!!"

In a related development, the Cross River State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Hon Peter Akam Egba was reported by Weetalknaija to have said that "Until there is full power supply in the ranch, irrespective of the Investors you decide to bring in, the services will still remain the same".

Mr. Egba went on to inform Cross Riverians that the governor, Senator Ben Ayade is working tirelessly to ensure that Cross River State is returned to its normal state of tourism.

"Ben Ayade thinks well about the Obudu ranch resort, the major challenge bedeviling the ranch resort is power ( Electricity)". He was quoted.

The commissioner went on to disclose that it was the same power situation that caused Protea Hotel, a South African Company managing the ranch to move out of the ranch. Since the expenses on power eat deep into their cash flow as such no sensible businessman would continue in a nonprofitable venture. 

However, Commissioner Egbe revealed that the government is working out a possible solution to the power monster bedeviling the facility.

"The most effective remedy in the short and long runs is to deploy wind energy using turbines to generate power that will serve the ranch and its environs"
I brought a team of investors to invest on wind energy using the turbines

"Ayade is a promise keeper, in other to prove to us all that the cattle ranch maintain it's normal place in Africa, he has been able to rehabilitate all the road network that leads to the ranch, this alone should remind us that the governor has not abandoned the ranch".

"With Prof. Ayade, there is light at the end of the tunnel that will galvanize and propel the ranch to an El Dorado". He concluded.