Friday, 12 April 2019

How PHC Nurses in Calabar molested and chased a pregnant woman to give birth by the gutter

Information reaching our news room has it that Nurses from Mayne Avenue Primary Health Care Center, opposite Access Bank, chased, molested and caused a heavily pregnant woman to put to birth by the gutter by the road side .

According to an eye witness, Obogor Ikwen, the lady was seen at the healthcare center at about 6 pm shouting that she wants to give birth, but the nurses chased her away on the guise that she was fond of coming around the health facility shouting that she was to give birth.

Ikwen, reported that when the lady was chased out of the facility she later went to but to put to birth beside the gutter just by the road side.

In his words, "I wonder what kind of training Betta Edu gives to her Nurses, It's not just about painting and beautifying healthcare centers but also giving the staff a new orientation and training".

"A woman just delivered a baby on the road. Opposite Primary health Care center Ekpo abasi Calabar South adjacent to Access Bank & Oando filling station.

"This happened after she had been molested & neglected by the nurses in the health care facility.

"This happened at about 6pm. We had to beat up the nurses to go and take care of the lady after the she delivered because the nurses lied to us that she do come and shout that she wants to deliver her bouncing baby boy.

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"I had to send for cloth for her baby to wear. I don't know why human beings are so heartless. ...Sincerely the actions of those Nurses is regrettably wicked'.  He concluded.

Ikwen added that he believes the lady had been going to seek for antenatal care from the Primary Healthcare center, which he believes should be free, but the careless and untrained nurses kept sending her away until this day where she was actually feeling labour pains, she was molested and chased out. 

The nurses left her stranded leaving her with no alternative than to use the gutter as her labour room.