Sunday, 14 April 2019

Nurse who beat up pregnant woman in Calabar, three others suspended

By Ukorebi Esien 

TDN had Friday night reported an incident that happened in one of the Primary Healthcare centers in Calabar, Mayne Avenue Primary Healthcare Facility precisely, where a Nurse on duty by name Eme Bassey was reported by a crowd of eye witnesses to have beaten up a heavily pregnant woman with a  mob stick, drove her out of the facility, forcing her to put to birth right in front of the facility.

When Dr. Betta Edu DG, Primary Healthcare Development Agency was contacted, she promptly swung into action as she has currently placed all the staff on duty in the facility when the incidence took place on suspension. Also suspended is the Coordinator of PHCDA in Calabar South Local Government Area.

According to a release from the office of the Director General, Cross River Primary Healthcare Development Agency.

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"The DG, has with immediate effect suspended all the staff involved and the PHC coordinator who supervises them. All staff involved are to face disciplinary committee and might face tough sanctions including dismissal if the board so decides

"The fight to reduce maternal mortality and new born mortality can not be won except health workers are held accountable for their actions and inaction."

Betta Edu who was visibly shocked and angry with the attitude of the health workers was in uncontrollable tears as she told newsmen that she had warned some health workers time without number to treat patients with right attitude but they have refused to change.

 " I spend my time going from community to community to plead with women to leave Traditional Birth Attendants, Prayer houses and homes to deliver in Health facility, then a woman shows up in a health facility and she is beaten and pushed out, what worst  treatment could a human give to another human?, this kind of wickedness is unheard of, this health workers will be used to set example for others who have refused to do the work which they are paid to do" 

DG went on to say" health workers carelessness have lead to death of many women. The Governor of Cross River State has been faithful in paying workers and on time too, he is adding another 1000 health workers to improve things in health sector. This is in addition to the rural allowance paid as incentives and facility upgrade to improve services. what more could a committed Governor do to make things work? Since they have refused to change, we will show them the way out and bring in people who are ready to work!"

When asked if the Nigerian syndrome of godfatherism will not interfere with the disciplinary process, she said, she had done it before in Ogoja and other LGA's so Calabar South will not be an exception. In fact at a point the DG was heard telling one of the affected staff that she will resign should anybody dare to stop her from ensuring the affected health workers are dismissed.

Mrs. Edu told news men that she will ensure the full wrath of the law and other legal sanctions are placed on the health workers found wanting. "And if anybody dares stands on my way in the name of godfather or whatever, I will simply ask them if the pregnant woman was their wives, sister, relative etc they will want to stop justice from taking place?" She queried.

Summary of the entire gist from various eye witnesses who were ready and passionate to tell the story of what happened has it that; 

A woman in labor was brought to PHC Mayne Avenue, on Friday evening. Rather than health workers present help her into the labor room, the demanded for 20,000 for surgery (meanwhile surgeries cannot be done in PHCs) and pushed the woman with that excruciating pain out of the facility. To make matters worse, a trained nurse who goes by the name Eme Basset, with the help of one other Volunteer worker named identified as Tom used mop stick to beat the woman, claiming that she bit her hand with her teeth. The said woman was thrown out of the facility and the in-charge was said to have not only recorded the whole scene with her mobile phone, but also help throw the woman's bag out of the facility.

The woman who was in excruciating pain went to the grass in front of the facility where she naked herself, held the sign post of the facility and struggled on her own to deliver her baby with the aide of a member of the community and other passer by. When finally  the woman put to birth, the youths in the community went into the health facility to move the said nurse out to ensure she assisted the woman. It was then she reluctantly came out to help the woman deliver her placenta and finally let her into the facility. 

The woman has been admitted and the DG has provided for cloths for her and her baby as well as other provisions she requires to care for the baby.

Dr. Edu cautioning Nurse Eme and the in-charge of the facility 

Report on the incidence as written by Eme Bassey 

Blood stain on the spot where the pregnant woman put to birth

Blood stain on the spot where the pregnant woman put to birth

Side view of the PHC facility

Dr. Betta Edu observing mother and child to be sure there were no complications

The lady fast asleep after a stressful night of pains and delivery