Monday, 8 April 2019

UNICAL Law student declares intention to unseat Mike Etaba come 2023

An undergraduate student of Faculty of Law, University of Calabar, Victor Egba has aired his intentions to gun for the federal job at the National Assembly come 2023 where he hopes to unseat the incumbent, Hon. Mike Etaba as he prepares to represent Obubra/ Etung Federal Constituency.

Egba, who said the constituency has suffered severe setback made his intentions known in a statement made available to TDN. He further explained that for the past 5 years, "the people of our constituency have been cut off from the political nucleus of National Representation", they seem not to have a viable voice to speak on their behalf, especially as pertains to national issues.


The bold and courageous NASS hopeful said the desire to see things done differently had been a burden to him, even as he believes the time has come for hope to be restored back to the people of Obubra to who have already become despondent.

Egba revealed that his desire to run for the exalted office come 2023 is because of his believe that he can provide a voice, and empower the young population,  strengthen the aged and create opportunities as well as negotiate for a better constituency.

While urging all to believe in his dream for a brighter constituency, the visionary young leader disclosed that when given the opportunity to represent, he surely will do things differently as his campaign shall be a referendum while he ensures that political gains does not circulate only within a few aristocrats.

His statement reads in full: 


I feel we have come to the threshold of history, for over 5years now,  the people of our constituency have been cut off from the political nucleus of National Representation,  we don't have a voice to speak for us, no one to put our problems and peculiar challenges on the fore front of the national debate. Obubra/Etung sadly missing.

Everyday I wake up with the burden to see things done differently,  it Is time to restore hope to our people who have become despondent and are already tired of the disconnect between them and their Representatives, who they hardly see, and can't even reach on phone.

The recurrent communal crisis have been badly managed and politicised, they have been no constituency office since Senator JOHN OWA ENOH vacated the seat to seek a higher office. There have been a great lacuna, that needs to be quickly fixed, otherwise our young people will continually to be left out of the opportunity that have eluded them in the last years.

I feel strongly we can provide a voice, and empower our young population,  strengthen the aged and create opportunities as well as negotiate better for our constituency.

In 2023,  we will not only be running a political campaign, but a referendum, that will see us returning power to the people, we will be seeking the people's mandate to restore hope to the common man on the street, our message will be simple - Politics should not only  benefit a few aristocrat, It is for the common good of the man on the street.  And anyone who has nothing to offer the people should return to business,  and private practise. 

Politics is a tool for  service not for profit, it is a place of service not for self.  The people of Obubra/Etung will own their journey and carve their destiny, with their choice. I'm offering myself to serve them in the National Assembly ( Federal House of Representatives).

I am asking all well meaning people of Obubra/Etung to believe again.