Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Abi Youth Council is not a failed project, Chairman exonerates chapter from Calabar based Blogger's wake-Up-Call on YCN- CRS

Comrade Gifted Nelson,  chairman of the Abi, Local Government Chapter of Youth Council of Nigeria, Cross River state has insisted that his chapter is not a failed project.

Nelson who made this known in a Facebook post, Tuesday afternoon was reacting to a publication on social media by Ukorebi Esien, Publisher of TDN, who alleged fed that Cross River State chapter of the National Youth body has failed in its responsibilities as a body.

Mr. Nelson decried a situation where journalist who were supposed to verify information before going the press would publish out of ignorance.

He used the opportunity to role out the various achievements of his administration which include but not limited to 

* Helping youths who were almost initiated into cult practices. 

* Organise free HIV test and counseling

* Setting up a recreational center in ITIGIDI

* Organising of Free diagnosis, treatment and distribution of medical glasses to both young and our aged parents

In his response, Mr. Ukorebi Esien, Publisher of The Daily News Nigeria said he is very much aware of the various activities of the Abi subchapter body of the Council, as his initial post was centered on the state chapter. And was surprised by the attacks on his person and name calling by Comrade Nelson. 

He however, noted that his post was not to in anyway belittle anyone but, was a wake up call on the Youth Council as it was obvious with the various suggestions he recommended. 

Ukorebi said he was happy that his post has given Gifted Nelson the needed platform and opportunity to advertise his good works. 

The post from Nelson, which has since gained wide acceptance through likes and comments reads in full:

 "Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. " - Plato    

Ukorebi Esien, your level of ignorance is loud. if you're seeking for attention or possible ways to make news never drag ABI into your mess, ordinarily I wouldn't have responded to your piece but I had to because "ABI" is involved. Outrightly I feel disappointed reading the highest level of fallacy peddled by a fellow who is supposed to bring genuine news to public domain.

Be you Blogger, journalist or writer one peculiarity about the professions is their willingness to dig deep, call, check out facts and do proper investigation but the reverse is the case as you seat at the comfort of your house to spew falsely at the the expense of polluting the minds of the general public. 
This is very unprofessional young man.

ABI youth Council is NOT a failed project,

I and my team of executives came in with a robust energy and commitment to work for the benefits of the youths Of Abi. Our desire to give the best representation still remains unwavering till date.

We came believing that with the help of the local government administration, appointees and our representatives we will be aided to do more, sadly the case has been different as we were confronted with Plethora of challenges all in the bid to deliver on the mandate reposed on us, In the face of all this challenges we were not perturbed as we devised other means to raise what will aid us serve our people.

Since we came into office have you ever seen us making a post seeking for money or it's equivalent?

See, we have created a niche for ourselves in the youth council we have a standard and by the grace of God we have not and we will never work below standard. 

In the midst of all, without subvention as a council we have embarked on so many projects to mention but a few, we

Organized symposiums for secondary school students

Paid familiarization visits covering about 93% of the council wards.

We reached out to young ladies who were gradually losing santity of themselves.

Youths who were almost initiated into cult practices 

Organise free HIV test and counseling

We put up a recreational center in ITIGIDI were the council owned her Snooker board, table tennis, cheese, draft, ayo etc all in the bid to keep their mind healthy, physically feet and help the depressed become more lively,

Free diagnosis, treatment and distribution of medical glasses to both young and our aged parents, 

We initiated and executed a campaign for the De radicalization  of youths in  waring communities across the LGA, restoring peace in the area as well as promoting peaceful coexistence among the Bahumono communities.

Organized series of town hall meetings with youths and leaders, so as to articulate their views for the growth and progress of our beloved LGA.

We even gave out scholarships to 5 students,

What have you done in your own Conner?

In the council we are high-flyers.
We didn't use the unavailability of subvention as an excuse not to do what we were supposed to do.

As we draw closer to our transition period the council have decided to recognise and award  young professionals in different facet who have touched lives and stood by us during our most turbulent period the thing is now paining you aby?

The Gala/Award night is tomorrow, we will be giving awards to young rebranded minds and you're warmly invited.

Next time before you spew falsehood do a fact check, because no two local governments are the same.

Be warned, ABI is not your mate.
Ignorance is not innocence, but sin.     

...Build the Youths,
Build the Nation.

My Name is Gifted Nelson,
Chairman Abi Youth Council.