Wednesday, 29 May 2019

An Abandoned Man Is Dangerous To The Society; Gov. Ayade Must Sustain His Bogus Appointments

As Cross River and Cross Riverians prepare for another four years of disorganized Ray beams called Government, but this time not with the over 8000 randomly picked individuals spread across our streets in the name of appointees but with carefully selected Cabal with the aim of sucking the State's treasury dry completely. My personal concern here isn't the bad governance stirring at us but what this abandoned boys and girls who left their villages to settle in Calabar in the name of "I am an appointee" will do now?

We give in to short term comfort abusing our humane innate ideas that would have given our State and people a presumable economic eloquence and infrastructural dominance using  tourism as forerunner. "Yes, I am appointed but what for and what can I offer"; This question didn't come to the minds of over 8000 cabinet and semi cabinet members. When a man gives you a position without spelling out your duties and responsibilities, just know that you are in for disgrace. 

The emperor ( Governor Benedict Ayade) during his four years which is billed to elapse tomorrow introduced Cross Riverians to a system were you get wages without labouring and the popular beer parlor rule "Pay before service". This system to my understanding breeds laziness and bad attitude to work. 

The emperor will be re-inaugurated tomorrow to either continue in his abysmal and kindergarten Government of draining water in a dry land and irrigating in the middle of the ocean, dredging borehole in a riverine area and draining water from the desert or project something different that will change the Cross River State narratives for good. 

He intends to streamline his cabinet to a thinner/slimmer one but this is contrary to his 2019 campaign promises of "protecting the food on your table". If he continues in his old ways, it will not be new because we aren't expecting anything from him judging from his first term performance but my concern and worries is towards the faring of over 7000 young men who will be totally excluded from the sharing of our lean resources. Some got married, bought cars, rented big houses, sowed over 200 senator designed wears without investing. How can they survive? 

My fears is where will their frustration lead them to and what will they do in order to maintain the high standard assumed in a short while? The Governor should please sustain what he started. We are currently facing unrest from the different groups our Youths sworn into and can't welcome another set of frustrated fellows who will want to venture into  criminality just to meet up with their spontaneous and sudden life promotion.

As you attend the swearing in of Governor Ayade tomorrow, please try and plead with him not to abandon our brothers, friends and neighbors who went as far as killing people and destroying properties of others in their quest to protect the food on their tables. These guys fought out their lives for him. 

Thank You.

My name is Chief Justin Obongha
The Voice of the Common Man.