Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Ayade to rehoist Africa's largest Flag as a commitment to complete projects across the state

The beauty of any government is in bringing government closer to the people through the executing and completion of projects that provides solutions to the people's challenges. 

According to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River state, his focus for his first term was to provide food on the table for Cross Riverians, to this end the governor signaled his readiness to work when he informed that his second term will be focused on "Hands on the plough".

As a way of constant reminder and show of commitment to his "Hands on the Plough" theme for his second term, the office of the Senior Special Adviser on Job creation and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Joseph Edet has said that all is now set to rehiost Africa's largest Flag located at eleven, eleven round about in Calabar. 

Making of the flag at the Cross River State
Garment Factory

Making of the flag at the Cross River State
Garment Factory

According to the governor's aide, the hoisting of the flag which will be done simultaneously with the governor's 2nd term swearing in Ceremony will signal a commitment from the governor to complete all ongoing projects in Cross River state. 

 "I have always believe that when people see an end to a journey, it gives them a sense of hope to forge on, this applies to governance and project execution. When projects are completed, the confidence of the people is gained which is why I like taking whatever I do to an end. But many times, it's not solely the responsibility of government which is why we have stakeholders here and there. Their roles are important just like the people because the projects are not for few persons but for all". He said. 

Mr. Edet informed that the new flag was a product of the state's garment factory. He said he saw it an insult for a state with such a magnificent garment factory to make the flag outside. 

"...for every plan of government to succeed, we must get the basis right. Yes! Projects can be completed. I felt it was an insult on us to have the garment factory and yet travel out of the country to sew the flag. We got approval from the Governor to do it at the garment factory and it was completed in 5 hours. Funny enough, the flag has lasted longer than the ones that were sewn abroad. I say this authoritatively because records have shown that the flag were changed every 3 months when it goes bad, yet what we did locally has lasted for 5 months.

Mr. Joseph Edet told this reporter that he will ensure his office press on the governor to keep to his commitment of completing projects while he also will bring in innovative ideas and programs that will further increase the ease of doing business in Cross River state.

"Cross River State is our business, we must come together and make it work. I must commend the Governor for that wisdom in bringing the swearing in ceremony back to the stadium. As for my office, we will commence the first ever trade/job fair in Calabar. It promises to be very enterprising as we will explore every available resources at our disposal to awaken our business consciousness for a better Cross River State. We are still lock in dialogue with the Governor towards a tax free business for some categories but we are looking at making at least a hundred thousand businesses work in the state". He concluded.