Thursday, 9 May 2019

How Owan Enoh rejected Prof Ene-obong, Isong's advice and the consequences today

Prof. Eno-Obong Efiom Enobong
Former VC of CRUTECH

Ene-Obong and Isong forwarned Owan Enoh (Told Without Fear or Sentiment) by Holyns Hogan 

That very evening at the main Hall of Pyramid Hotels, Calabar, Professor Ene-Obong Effiom Ene-Obong, the former Vice Chancellor of CRUTECH, while thanking his successor, Professor Anthony Owan Enoh for honouring him with a well attended send forth party advised him against the obstacles on his path as new CRUTECH boss. 

Prof. Ene-Obong said and I quote:
",.... I have already told Owan that if he must succeed as the new CRUTECH VC, he must beware of government politics because that could disappoint him in the end". 

Certainly, it was a prophecy well conceived and delivered by an oracle to guide the fresh horn from being lured and withered by the same evil that plagued his predecessor and hindered progress in the system. A poetic caution to an initiate that [then] barely understood the secrets of the shrine where providence ordained him a keeper. 

I remember also that Surveyor Mfon Isong, the chaplain of one of the churches in CRUTECH warned Prof Owan Enoh against that which must be avoided if he truly meant to have a successful end as VC. That happened when the VC threatened that Management would reclaim part of the CRUTECH land where the Church's manse stood under construction. 

Above, put together, implicitly informs that CRUTECH'S untold power change drama in which a Vice Chancellor whose 5 year tenure of office unduly enjoyed extra time for no ethical justification, but forced to abruptly bow amidst uncertainty about his successor, is nothing but  politics and poetic [in]justice as forecast by Ene-Obong and Isong. 

Agreed that Prof Owan Enoh as a philosopher and realist (as he deservedly calls himself), is one super hero in recent CRUTECH academic and infrastructural development history, as evident in works done by his use of Tetfund project intervention funds to give beauty and meanings to the institution. 

Yet, what use is a man glorified  by  virtues as Moses to leave his house on fire at the point a Joshua is needed to continue after him? What joy is there to eulogise a man who failed to bow at his loudest ovation, but fainted abruptly for overstayed welcome? 

Only when these critical moral questions are unsentimentally answered by logic, that even the gods would fault those who, like Michael Nostradamus, saw today as CRUTECH future from yesterday.