Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Land Seizure: Groups plan showdown on Ayade's Inauguration day

Three National pressure groups with strong presence in Cross River State have resolved to lead a peaceful protest come 29th May 2019.

The groups, TDN learned have concluded arrangement to mobilise over 50,000 Cross Riverians to protest what they described as "Forceful Seizure of Lands in Obudu Local Government Area". 

According to one of the brains behind the protest, Comrade, Anthony Bisong Attah "The protest is motivated by our desire to draw public attention to the political misadventure of Cross River State government"

He went on to inform that the 50,000 Cross Riverians mobilised cut across the entire state and they will be on the street on the 29th of May, 2019, same day and time the Governor will be taking his oath of office for a second term. 

"The choice of the day is unique because it will collide with the celebration mood which government seeks to showcase.  It goes to intimate government that the citizens can't be in a mournful mood while the governor celebrates the mandate freely given to him". He added.

TDN also gathered that the groups behind the planned protest include Citizens Solution Network, Global Rights Initiative, CRS chapter and Enough is Enough. As at press time, talks where ongoing to collaborate 10 other pro-Youth Organisations in the state.

Attah, hinted that take off point and time for the protest shall be The U. J. Esuene Stadium, Calabar.

It should be recalled that Mr. Agba Jalingo, a kinsman to the governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, had lamented the forceful seizure of land and scattered uncompleted projects in the state. 

Agba wrote: 
He Is Our Brother!
He Is Our Brother!
Let's Tell Him The Truth!

All Governor Ayade projects in Obudu are uncompleted.

1. Super Highway to Obudu - (shrouded in uncertainty).

2. Obudu power project has gone comatose because it was all diesel powered generators and unsustainable.

3. Canadian school, Obudu - remains uncompleted after Mathew Obule (a staff of the project coordinator, Chief Kanayo) ran way with N150m he was sent to cash from the bank and after community lands were hurriedly acquired.

4. Mini Super Highway across 5 LGAs in northern Cross River - remains uncompleted after people's properties and farmlands where hurriedly demolished. We have now entered the raining season again.

5. Construction of the referral hospital in Obudu has been halted after the demolition of the government guest house along Ranch road in Obudu, for the purpose. Over N500million has been purportedly spent on the three referral hospitals yet no hospital.

6. The land previously housing the St. Stephen Primary School, Obudu was initially annexed for a garment factory. Four years after, there is no garment factory in Obudu. The land has been converted to a parking yard for Sydney Construction and Leophina Construction trucks.

7. Obudu Ranch Resort, developed by a Calabar man - has been abandoned and guests now have to go down the hills to rent generators to power rooms. The place is currently non-functional and staff have been redeployed to the Obanlikwu and Obudu LG councils under an Obudu man as governor.

8. And now, we are hurrying to annexe community lands again to start another multi billion Naira airport project that may just be stalled down the line.

And all the Obudu people keep saying is "He is our brother. Let's not talk anything?


What will the Obudu people remember Governor Ayade, our son and brother for?

Unsustainable food on the table appointments?

Entrenching gangsterism in Obudu?

Or the pain and anguish from incessant land acquisitions?

Who has the answers please?

Let the dance continues for a job well done. Or should we say, for the monies well squandered or well embezzled? Which one?

Yours Sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.