Sunday, 5 May 2019

My birthday reminds me of the mandate bestowed on me - Abi lawmaker - elect

Ukorebi Esien | 1st May, 2019 |

The member elect to represent Abi state house constituency in the 9 Assembly of the Cross River state House of Assembly, Dr. Davies Etta has made a shocking revelation on his birthday.

Etta who celebrated his birthday on the 
30th of April admits family, friends and loved ones said the day was indeed a special day for him, as it only reminds him of the task ahead.

Promised not to let his constituents down even as re resumes office a their representative in the house. 

The humble unassuming medical doctor turn politician who said he was grateful to God for adding another year to him and to his constituents who showered him with love via arrays of goodwill messages promised to be a valuable representative.

His words: "On a day as special as this to me, I can't help but give all thanks to God Almighty for adding yet another year to the prime of my age. 

"Also my gratitude goes to my Constituents for the myriads of good will messages causing traffic in my electromagnetic mobile device. I am indeed not ungrateful  for your prominent show of love. 

 " This, as a matter of fact reminds me of the great task ahead, knowing fully well that the onus of valuable representation lies on he who secures the people's mandate. 

"This mandate, which was freely give on the principle of 'one man one vote', the bedrock of democracy, can only but yield visible and palpable democratic dividends - being all we fought and bled for.

Dr. Davies is noted for his thankful and appreciative nature. It's on record that he was one of the few politicians in Cross River State who took out time to embark on a " Thank-you-tour" across the 10 council wards of Abi Local Government Area after his elections. 

And on his birthday, he hosted some set of persons in a bid to still say "Thank you".

As he assumes, office, hopes are high, there is so much expectations from his constituents and everybody wants to know what his first official duty will be?

For all of us at TDN we wish him a happy birthday and many more fruitful years even as he excel in office.