Monday, 6 May 2019

The man Dr. Davies Etta, Abi state house lawmaker - elect: A Treasure in Earth

Dr. Davies Etta 

The legislature is an arm of government vested with the responsibility of enacting laws. Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo, the outgoing speaker of the 8th Cross River state House of Assembly will always say that the legislature drives government policies and empowers the governance agenda of the executive arm of government. 

What this simply means is that the legislature have to study, the policies and and understand the agenda of the executive then provide the enabling vehicles through legislations and enacting of laws that will empower those agendas and policies.

Another major responsibility of the legislative arm of government is to ensure government agencies and parastatal live up to expectations by performing oversight functions on those MDA's.

There's is also a third part of the duty of the lawmaker, this has to do with representation. This third part of the lawmaker's function explains why the Constitution provides for equal number of persons representing various geographical region as demarcated by the same constitution to be part of the Legislative House. The lawmaker is supposed to be a representative of the region he comes from. He is supposed to speak on their behalf. Listen to their needs and plights as well as receive advise from them.

This also explains the need for constituency projects as the case is in the National Assembly. For the state Assembly, every lawmaker is supposed to lobby for the inclusion of the dire need of his constituency in the yearly budget of the state.

In order to achieve this third part of his responsibility, a sensible lawmaker needs to befriend his constituents. Being friendly and close with members of your constituency affords you the opportunity of acquiring first hand information as to what their real needs are and you will quickly look for avenues to solve them before they grow to become big insurmountable mountains. 

The above responsibility of the legislature eventually will form the basis of electing a representatives into the legislature. Therefore, every constituency that truly want to be effectively represented is supposed to elect people they know can fit into these roles of a true lawmaker. 

For Abi state constituency, I will say that having keenly studied the life of Dr. Davies Etta, they have not missed the mark in any way, they made the right choice. His case is that of "whom the cap fits, let him wear". And truly in all dimension or should I say in every sense of the word "representative", the cap truly fits Dr. Davis.

I had the opportunity of meeting him some months before his elections. We spoke on some issues as regards his candidacy and the primaries of his party. Upon leaving his presence I just felt he was the right man for the job. 
This was due to the things he shared with me and I saw the sincerity of his words in his eyes. 

His humility and wide level of intellectual display were some of things that sold him out to me, and I believed those where what his constituency saw before electing him to represent them. I left that place wishing and praying he wins the election so he could be more of a blessing to the good people of Abi.

According to an article penned by Dr. Robert Egot, Dr. Etta Davies is a very humble, self-styled personality who has consistently endeared himself to the hearts of his many friends and followers over the years with his deep sense of love and dedication to building human capacity.

By naturalization, Dr Davies hails from the famous Ebom/Ebijakara council ward in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River state, a place renowned as a pool of great talents and thinkers who have over the years influenced the political dynamics of Abi and her environs.

He was born into a christian family headed by Chief Etta Enyiofem, a great teacher and historian who's a stickler of rules, a strict disciplinarian and Godfearing family man who consciously and carefully raised all his subjects both in character and learning.

He started his educational journey at Presbyterian primary school Ebom. Where he discovered his innate educational prowess and later proceeded to Government Science college Obubra where he led as sanitary prefect and his profound academic exploits earned him the title "ababio'' because of his uncommon knowledge of chemistry and other science subjects and he represented and won for his school many prized awards in various science quiz competitions.

In pursuits of academic excellence, he proceeded to the prestigious University of Calabar and chose the medical career amidst stiff competition for admission slots, signifying his enduring love to save lives and give succor to humanity. He continued his very outstanding academic records and later forayed into politics where he tested his leadership capabilities handling various responsibilities both in managing group involvements and pressures.

He started as a staunch congressman of Calabar University Medical Student Association in 2003 where he learnt the ropes and later proceeded to the Student Union Parliament UNICAL in 2003/04 to represent Faculty of Clinical Sciences where his very significant contributions aided the passage of various bills that enhanced students' welfare and sustained peaceful coexistence in Malabor Republic.

 He was notably credited as the founder of National Association of Ebom Students (NAES) in 2004-2005 where he led as President, the group was enacted to foster unity amongst Ebom students in University campuses with the sole aim of providing teaching aids and supports to our schools back in the village to help improve our then ailing educational system.

 This was the beginning of his journey to human capacity development and entrepreneurship for his people. NAES group snowballed to various campuses and held a wide range of humanitarian programs in Ebom such as Village clean up programs, undergraduates teaching supports to primary and secondary schools as well as vocational skilled training of youths.

 It is important to note that Dr Davies Etta has sustained such goodwill and was credited as a founding member of Ebom Cornerstone Group created in 2015, a forum renowned for providing scholarship aids to very under privilege children in Ebom. The group has sustained her vision till date with lots of poor children benefitting from the humanitarian scheme.

In furtherance of his unique love for people, Dr Davies joined the Junior Chambers international (JCI) where he served as Director of Protocols in 2004/05, he later headed the same group as president in 2005/06.  JCI is a non-Governmental organization that provides leadership training for youths to create positive change through programs and projects. They promote Good health and wellbeing, industrial innovation and infrastructure, combat extreme poverty and provide clean water and sanitation.

He has also led in various capacities as President National Association of Bahumono students 2005-2007, President of Cross River Sate Medical Student Association 2007-2008 where he made landmark achievements notably amongst many was the hosting a 2 days mega medical outreach in partnership with Akamkpa Local Government council in Ekuri community where medical counselling, consultations and minor surgeries were successfully carried out.

With an unrelenting drive for excellence, Dr Davies extended his prowess to ALGASA (Abi Local Govt Student Association worldwide) in 2008-2009 where he emerged as Sole Administrator and was pivotal to the successful payment of bursary to Abi students. This was an uncommon feat, the very first of its kind in the history of the Association.
He graduated from the University of Calabar with honors and bagged the renowned MBBCH degree in addition to many leadership awards.

As the popular saying goes, a gold fish illuminates wherever it finds itself, Dr Davies would always lead from the front as evidenced by his emergence as the Chief liaison officer during his NYSC year at Jigawa state in 2011-2012. 

His medical practice journey began with an internship experience at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in 2011, he then proceeded to Auyo General Hospital Jigawa state 2012-2014, Rogo General Hospital Kano state 2014-2015, kabo General Hospital Kano state and finally,  he was  an associate of the Faculty of surgery In the west African College of surgeons and the National postgraduate college of Medicine before he was elected into the Cross River State House of Assembly to represent Abi state constituency in the 9th Assembly.

Etta Davies is a responsible family man married to a wife and blessed with two children.
He's a strong democrat in ideology who believes in fairness, equity and justice. 

A very ardent Christian who strongly upholds and portrays good Christian virtues. He's a man God has allowed to go through various stages in life so he can comprehend the language of the common man and feel what they feel both in good and hard times alike.

Dr Davies has proven times without number of his uncommon ability to produce results even in unusual circumstances.

In the House, Dr. Etta can fit into any committee as chairman, owing to his wide wealth of experience and knowledge, but for the purpose of professionalism I think he will do just well as chairman House Committee on Health. He can also deputies or be a member in any other committee of the house. Due to his maturity, humility and intellectual depth, he can I trust he will be of great value to the 9th Assembly. 

Ukorebi Esien is social and political commentator who writes for The Daily News and other social media platforms.