Saturday, 8 June 2019

John Gaul Pulls His State Hat For Federal Hat

By Victor Adaha

Leadership is about influence, unarguably influence can be attained through different means either by enticement or by giving a man fish, but the most sustainable means remains by showing a man the light to self awareness and reasoning, little wonder many  leaders who believe in sustainable principles, long after office are remembered and they record more followership.

Rt Hon (Barr) John Gaul Lebo happens to be a leader who believes in mental emancipation, he believes; if you build a man to understand himself and potential you feed him for life, you will agree with me this process takes time but is a sure bet approach.

The Solution architect as he has over the years become is a product of the finest strategist in the country in the person of Sen Liyel Imoke (the Avatar), little wonder it is in his DNA. He changed the face of the CRHA in his short time as speaker, his tenure brought accolades from far and near, pundits are of the rational opinion that the Cross river state house is second to only Lagos. Others opines he has left a very big shoe for who so ever succeeds him, time will tell.

Finest of laws have been passed that are people friendly touching all the sectors of the society, synergies made with other states houses on interstate issues which has yielded results. The house has become more media friendly leaving no room for secrecy, with periodic press briefing, media chat and the likes.

John Gaul has not just written his name in the annals of time, but in the heart of people just as he has reshaped legislature in the state. Unarguably he is a fine legislator, some people believe it is because of his sound experience and knowledge of legal matters as he has been a successful practicing lawyer for many years.

Just as he bows out of legislative business at the level of STATE, we are sure he would represent us even better at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly. 

The people of Abi/Yakurr have always reiterated their believe and support in your legislative prowess.

 Finally, Congratulations Rt Hon (Barr) John Gaul Lebo on your successful accomplishment of  state legislative duty, keep soaring high in your legislative endeavours