Monday, 10 June 2019

Revealed: Gaul shares his leadership strategies as speaker of the 8th Assembly in C'River

As the 8th Assembly of the Cross River State House of Assembly bowed out last week, the erstwhile Speaker of the Assembly, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo took to his social media handle to share with members of the public his leadership secrets.

It is believed that, these strategies kept him and made Cross River State House of Assembly grow into becoming one of the most celebrated Assemblies in Nigeria.

The 8th Assembly under Gaul, passed a total of 123 bills out of which only 8 were from the executive arm of government the rest were private members bills and over 70 out of the 89 bills passed by the 8th Assembly has been accented to by the governor.

This is said to be the highest number of bills passed by any assembly in Nigeria during the last administration under review. 

No doubt Gaul is an excellent legislature with insights on how an ideal legislative house should be run. He believes The speaker of the house must first understand the economic and governance agenda of the executive. In his words "The governor's economic direction should determine the legislative direction of the House", 
This will will help house come up with legislative purpose vehicles through bills, and motions that will drive the economic agenda of the executive.

His legislative leadership as shared on the Assembly's official Twitter handle reads as follows: 

1. Mental Clock
My best picture of life is adapted from a clock, the clock or watch regulates time, it is endless and ceaselessly continuous in progression, it never stops, neither does it wait for anyone. Whether you are sleeping or not looking at it, it never stops.

Once you take your mental focus away from the clock, you are late almost forever and for the rest of your time, you will play catch up with progress. 
Time is a trickster and perpetually plays pranks with humanity.

I try to create a mental clock and my consciousness and align it with the ticking and time progression.

2. Mental Accounting
I see the world as progess Accounting exercise  displayed on a spread sheet, every step ,decision or process is undertaken in life is never accidental, it is plausible, sometimes predictable, and based on various options...

with proper mental accounting intelligence, one can achieve predictable results with precision engineering and exactitude.

Decision science and Decision Architects who deploy reliable formulars through decision accounting are most likely to ease through the staircase of prosperity.

In all of these, a proper mental accounting intelligence is a personal investment that must be available in your mental Archive.

3. Black Box Thinking
Reality doesn't care about your feelings, but every false step taken improves the fortunes of your tomorrow, provided that you remember to always to investigate what went wrong when the false step was taken from your black Box.

With each failure in life,the future of success become more guaranteed, provided you process the circumstances under which the failure occurred.

A radical acceptance of defects, deficiencies or flops is a better succes strategy than living in a state of denial.

When things go wrong, there's always a black Box to process why the failure occurred.  David Warren introduced the black Box into commercial jetliners through the Comet 1in 1954.

Today every plane crash can be investigated through the black Box, every crash makes future flights saver. 
Human beings who don't process their black Box may witness serial failure worst than a plane crash.

Combine a functional human Brain Box for success and a Black Box to fix deficiencies.