Saturday, 13 July 2019

Drama as C'River lawmaker struggles to deny the rubber stamp nature of the 9th assembly on radio

13th July 2019 | Ukorebi Esien 

OPINION - There was a mild drama this morning on the radio when Iwara Iwara, anchor of the program, The Public View on HitFM played host to Hon. Davies Ettah, member representing Abi state constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly.

Iwara asked his guest if he was sure the 9th  Assembly won't be a rubber stamp assembly. And this drama ensued:

Iwara: Going forward do you think that this legislation will not be a rubber stamp

Davies: A lot of people keep asking me that question, and I wonder why they think so? Well answering your question directly, I think this legislature is not going to be a rubber stamp.

As you can see so far, the activities of the house have shown so far that the assembly won't be a rubber stamp

Iwara: Point us to the activities you refer to

Davies: For example, as soon as we resumed plenary, we had a letter from the governor to confirm some appointments, but if it were to be a rubber stamp, the appointment would have been confirmed even without the presence of the appointees as it was done in previous assemblies. 

Iwara: Has that ever happened?

Davies: Yes it has happened 

Iwara: When

Davies: Ehmm it has happened the in previous assemblies

Iwara: Which of them specifically

Davies: ehmmm I..  I think... I can't remember specifically 

Iwara: You need to remember! At your level, your information needs to be accurate.

Davies: Before the end of the program, I should be able to remember

Iwara: I will ask you.

Davies: Yea don't forget to

Davies: But moving forward, we demanded the presence of the appointees they showed up and they were confirmed. 

And also, the speaker I must confess, so far he is doing very very well, he is not the kind of speaker that sits on his own and takes decisions 

For every decision that is taken, is a holistic one, it is the 9th assembly decision and there's no how you will want to rubber stamp the whole of the 9th assembly.

There have been several insinuations and concerns raised by concerned Cross Riverians as it concerns this fact. 

The 8th assembly was credited to be a rubber stamp in the hands of the executive, therefore, Cross Riverians are seriously concerned about the current assembly not being used as the former. 

This concern became serious when the House recently approved the governor's request to secure an N5 billion credit facility to service what he called "Pension arrears and unforeseen obligations of governance". 

Cross Riverians got so worried when out of the 25 members in the house none could question what the governor meant by "unforeseen obligations of governance" but rather went on to speedily approve the request, except Hon. Elvert of Ikom 2 who requested the governor explained in clear terms what he meant by unforeseen obligations of governance. 

But being a first timer and a lone voice, the majority prevailed on him and the request was approved.