Friday, 12 July 2019

Hon. Farathor gives scholarship to 20 Ebom students, says Education will ignite peace Bahumono

07th July, 2019 | Ukorebi

A Community leader and political stalwart in Ediba, Abi Local government area of Cross River state, Hon. Farathor Robinson has called on the various warring communities in Abi local government area to embrace peace as well as work together for the development of the Local Government Area.

Farathor went on to demonstrate his readiness in ensuring peace returns to the LG by pledging to train 20 indigenous students of Ebom community for 5 years. He said he believes in the peace and development of Bahumono nation as his dream remains to see the different communities of Bahumono come together and live as brothers and sisters and he is committed to making this happen. 

Hon. Farathor who was recognized and awarded by the Egbezum Traditional Council, Ebom, for his contributions towards the emergence of Hon. Dr. Davies Ettah as a member of the state House of Assembly in the just concluded general elections noted that education is a vital key to restoring and maintaining peace in Bahumono. He called on parents and guardians to endeavor to educate their wards as education will bring enlightenment that will initiate peaceful coexistence in the community. 

"I will never forget this award given me today, this is the first award given me by any Bahumono community. I think I woe them a lot. I will want all other communities in Bahumon to emulate this. They can make their sons happy in their various endeavors because if you praise your child, he will do more". 

"I believe in the growth and peace of Bahumono, my dream is to see that Bahumono become one again and I want every son and daughter of Bahumono to come together and make this happen let peace reign so that Bahumono can move forward". He pleaded. 

"I want to urge our people to endeavor to send their children to school because if they are educated, there will be peace in the nation because in school, they will be taught how to bring peace to their nation. Without our children going to school the boys in the village will deceive them and make them believe in bloodshed and crisis to get land but if you go to school you can make money, you can buy land for yourself". He opined. 

On how he thinks sustainable peace can be achieved in these warring communities, Farathor, revealed that it behoves on elders in the various communities to speak up the truthfully on the real owners of the embattled lands. Stating that the government and youths are not old enough and equip with historical facts to determine the ownership of disputed lands, rather the elders on the communities should tell their people the truth. 

"This peace is in the hands the communities not government, the elders in these communities who know the true story should come out and speak because as a matter of fact between I and you that are young people we will not be able to give the history of the lands that's causing the whole issue in the Bahumono nation and Abi as a whole. Those who know the truth should come out and tell us the truth and let the truth stand. 

"Even the government on their own without the community telling them the true story they will not know because there are also young persons they may not know the truth and they might take  sides and end up with a wrong decision". He concluded.