Sunday, 14 July 2019

Miss Utibe Inyang leads Leos to touch lives of over 20 pupils in Calabar

By Ukorebi Esien | 7th July 2019

The outgoing president of the Calabar Golden Leo Club 2018/2019 service year. Miss Utibe Inyang recently led members of the club to carry out an intervention at Lutheran Primary School, Atu, Calabar in Cross River State, where the educational needs of close to 20 pupils of the school from very poor homes were met.

The gesture which Miss Inyang said was her own way of giving back to the society saw every single child of the school going back home with exercise books and pen/pencil while 18 pupils received a brown envelop to clear their school fees for the term. 

Speaking with one of the beneficiaries, Master Uduak of Primary 4A he expressed joy and happiness for the gesture praying Gods blessings on miss Utibe for coming to their rescue. 

The head teacher of the school, Mrs. Ama Etim Ukpong told TDN that most of the pupils find it very difficult to pay the little token they are asked to pay and this as made some of them abandon school. She appreciated Miss Utibe and Leo club for the timely intervention. 

On the method used in selecting beneficiaries, Mrs. Ukpong said she insisted that only those pupils who have a record of not paying their school levies and those who dropped out due to lack of money to pay their school levies were selected to benefit from the project. 

"I am so delighted because God has brought you, people, to help these ones. And most of them who were sent home for their levy, they have not returned I have to send messages to them that they should return because God has sent a messiah to them." The head teacher said. 

In her words, Miss. Utibe Inyang said she was also a beneficiary of somebody's benevolence while growing up in Primary School, thus she made up her mind to also extend the love bestowed on her to others.

"Empowerment projects I believe is the best project. To empower children who will become leaders tomorrow, so we had to visit this school to give out writing materials (books and pen) and pay up school fees of those who can't pay". Utibe noted.  

"While I was growing up I had somebody who paid fees for me, who made sure I was educated at all cost. I could remember those days in Bishop King Primary School, he will always tell me you can't drop out of school not when I am alive. He was my neighbor. He will say get back to school, He touched my life". Utibe recalled amidst tears. 

"So I feel the only I can give back to him is to give back to these once. This project is going to be a yearly project courtesy of me, by next year same time, I will still carry out this project". She concluded.

Below are pictures from the event