Saturday, 13 July 2019

My legislative agenda, hold me accountable after three years - Ettah reminds constituents

Hon. Dr. Davies Ettah and wife
Immediately after being sworn in as a lawmaker 

13 July 2019 | Ukorebi Esien 

Hon. Dr. Davies Etta has once again rolled out his legislative agenda for his Abi state constituency stating that members of his constituents should hold him accountable and responsible if three years from now he fails to deliver on this mandate. 

Speaking on the Programme, The Public View on Hit FM Calabar, Dr. Ettah outlined his legislative agenda as follows: 

Communal clashes.
This problem has lingered for some time and it appears that all efforts put in to provide lasting peace had proved abortive. I think I have to bring this to the floor of the house again and machinery will be set in motion to secure peace amongst these communities. 

When asked if he will ensure the return of Ebijakara to their homeland through legislative acts, Hon. Ettah said. 

"Yes! I will roll out legislation that will proffer solutions that will resettle all displaced warring communities and take them back to their homeland". 

I have a plan on board that across the schools in Abi LGA I will work with the Ministry of Education to ensure the best brains from Abi LGA are given incentives and encouragement to further their education. 

Agricultural Empowerment
My people are involved in several agricultural occupations, we have farmers, we have those who rear animals, we have those who have plantations of palm trees, rice farming, etc.

And my l people are used to planting and harvesting once a year. 
I will help my people secure improved and hybrid seedlings that will make them harvest their product between 3-4 times a year. 

As a medical doctor, I will carry out projects and legislation that will bring health succor to my people. 

Hon. Ettah informed that "In Criss River state and even in Nigeria, you will discover that there are a lot of people who are practicing medicine without license and these act of quackery has led to the death of many Cross Riverians and both nationally and in the state, there's no law that stipulates serious sanctions on offenders. I am therefore packaging something to present before the house that will see to it that these people are put in check. 
I am working on something that will address quackery in the state". He said 

Ettah agreed that some of the patent medicine dealers play a complementary role as such he opined that " we will access their risk and their benefits to the society and if their risk is higher than their benefits then they have to go. 
They are not supposed to admit and treat patients in their shops, there are certain drugs they are not supposed to dispense, etc. 

The lawmaker revealed that there's an existing board set up the state government to regulate private hospitals and medical practitioners in the state, therefore, his bill is just to create laws that will empower the board to legally operate.

 "There's currently a privately hospital regulatory board, so this legislation will empower them to carry out their job efficiently and effectively". He concluded. 

When asking if there were anything his predecessor, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo didn't do or didn't do well hat he would have loved to do or do better.

The brilliant and intelligent lawmaker, honestly revealed that he wasn't privy to the former speaker's blueprint and as such can't judge him based on what he has no information on. 

However, Hon. Davies told his constituents to hold him responsible for the things he has tabled before them if at the end of his tenure he fails to deliver on his legislative promises.

Concerning the Songhai farms, Ettah agreed that it was an insightful project embarked upon by Sen. Imoke's government while expressing optimism that the present administration of Sen(Prof.) Ben Ayade will key into it because it falls within his industrialization drive agenda.

Ettah promised to visit the farm within the next one month and thereafter present a report to the house for something to be done.