Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Okorocha blows hot warns NASS over interfering in Edo state Assembly matters

The senator representing Imo West senatorial district in the red Chambers, Sen. Rochas Okorocha has warned his collogues not to interfere in the brawl ongoing in the Edo state house of assembly stating that the National assembly does not have jurisdiction over such matters. TDN can report.

Rochas who said the National Assembly was over reaching and eager to take over the Edo state House of Assembly made this position known at the floor of the House Tuesday, while informing that the matter is a family affair which the APC caucus should look into and resolve amicably warning that the house shouldn't dabble into it and end up ridiculing itself. 

"I have listened to the report so far submitting I and I wonder if the national assembly is not over reaching and interfering in matter they shouldn't interfere. From the report here from what I have here it looks like we are eager to take over Edo state house of assembly activities looking at the report of both the party the clerk and all that it looks like'. He said. 

"It's a family affair of APC and leadership of APC should have find a to solve and not us stepping into the matter that I think we do not have the jurisdiction to do so. And there's no prove whatsoever that Edo state house of assembly is not functioning. we have had cases here or even the Fed house where maces were taken away and no other National Assembly came from anywhere to take over our activities 

"I think this matter should not go within the senate, those of us who are in the caucus of APC should try and help out and see how to resolve a family matter rather than make it a national assembly issue. We must never be eager to go and take over the assembly. What is happening there is a failure of leadership. completely and they should resolve it. But for us to stand here now and talk about giving three Weeks mandate if the governor does not do that" He added.

Okorocha also observed that having been a governor, he believes it was insulting on the government of Edo state for the house to have given the governor a three Weeks ultimatum. He also maintained that the report submitted by the party and the clerk of the house have not been able to prove that the Edo State House of Assembly is not performing its functions. 

 "I was once a governor in the first place its insulting on the government of Edo state for us to sit here and give him mandate, if you don't do this within three weeks then we slash you and take over your House of Assembly. It's not proper. so I advise that we look into this before we bring ourselves to ridicule of interfering in a matter we shouldn't interfere when we don't have jurisdiction". He concluded.  

In a related development, the Governor of Edo state MR. Godwin Obaseki has warned the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not to allow some sets of perceived powerful persons to set Edo State on fire in their quest to quench their power thirst.
This came as a result of the senate's resolutions on Edo Assembly crisis , directing the governor to issue a fresh proclamation for the inauguration of the state Assembly.

Obaseki observed "This illegality will not stand'… while noting that the senate acted in flagrant breach of various court orders and purport to come to a factual and legal conclusions concerning a matter in which the parties are already before the court and therefore subjudice.