Thursday, 18 July 2019

Rubber Stamp Assembly: More troubles for Ayade, as other lawmakers resolves to stand their grounds for due process

Ukorebi Esien

As the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly kicks off its legislative activities in earnest, there have been several insinuations and concerns raised by concerned Cross Riverians. The words on the lips of almost every well meaning Cross Riverian is a sincere wish that the 9th Assembly do not go the way of previous assemblies especially the 8th assembly led by Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo.

Subsequently, there are serious indicators that there may be some few members who may act differently, making the house a formidable force to rely on in shaping the activities and excesses of the executive arm of government. 

Last week, a mild drama occurred on the floor of the house where a first timer, Hon. Elvert Ayanmbem of Ikom 11 state constituency encouraged his colleagues to question the governor's meaning of "unforeseen Obligations of Governance" in a letter sent to the house seeking their approval to access a N5 billion credit facility to pay pensioners and cater for "unforeseen obligation of governance". 

In a related development, member representing Abi state constituency, Hon. Dr. Davies Ettah, also a first timer, while on a radio show with Iwara Iwara of The Public's View argued that the 9th assembly won't be a rubber stamp and even if the executive would want to attempt it, that wont be possible with the entire 25 members. 

"... and also, the speaker I must confess, so far he is doing very very well, he is not the kind of speaker that sits on his own and takes decisions 

For every decision that is taken, is a holistic one, it is the 9th assembly decision and there's no how you will want to rubber stamp the whole of the 9th assembly". He noted. 

He went further to state that he would love to be remembered after three years as that house member who stands for due process and stood his ground for the right thing to be done.

Hear him out:

"I will want to be remembered for sponsoring bills legislator that sail through and actually impact on my constituency and the state at large 
I will want to be remembered as that legislator who stood his grounds 
I will also want to be remembered as that legislator who insists on the right thing to be done, who insist on due process". He concluded. 

Only yesterday another lawmaker, a second timer was added to the list of legislators the governor may find though to work with in this 9th Assembly. Rt. Hon. Itam Abang of Boki 1 state constituency was reported to have challenged the governor's move to grab 200 hecthars of lands each across the 18 LGA's for purposes yet to be disclosed. 

She was said to have moved the motion that led to the suspension of the governor's taskforce on Land grabbing. 

Cross Riverians, have already begun praising the 9th Assembly for these early signs while they pray the momentum is maintained.