Saturday, 27 July 2019

"Why we wear JEANS to church" - Clergy explains the concept of Jeans service

By Ukorebi Esien

There's this subconscious believe that has become popular, for some obvious reason we tend believe that the church is a place to look all starchy, sanctimonious and well composed. Most of us grew up to know that there are certain cloths you dare not wear to church - And JEANS was one of such cloths. 
No matter how well covered or how good and nice the cloth is, you just can't put it on to church as long as it is made from jeans material. It was generally believed that the Jean material was meant for the rough guys and as such it has no place in the house of God where the holy ones gather. 

But for Pastor Efa, Jeans has a different meaning and flavour, a reality and revelation he is willing to share and propagate to has many that will join him in tomorrow's service. 

Speaking with our Correspondent, Pastor Efa Eteng of Channels of Blessing Christian Church explained that JEANS is the acronym for Just Entering A New Season. The handsome and humble servant of God who informed that Sunday 28th July 2019 will be another JEANS service experience revealed that the service is meant to "stir up youths not to be comfortable with the immediate..but to see the ultimate...especially regarding the gospel Gospel of Christ"

Explaining further pastor Efa said the  service will also be a season to buttress the next level move of God's agenda while urging members of the public especially residents of Southern Calabar to avail themselves of this opportunity of encountering God in an unusual dimension in tomorrow's super packed service.

The service which comes up in two packages is slated for 7:30 for Early Birds and 9:35 for Later Rain at Channels of Blessing Christian Church, 172 Goldie off Goldie/Mount Junction, Calabar.

For those living within Southern Calabar and beyond who wish to be part of any of the services, be rest to have a warn reception from the handsome Pastor Eteng Efa and his beautiful wife as it is in their manner. 

Just Entering A New Season; Come experience God's next level move