Sunday, 25 August 2019

My knighthood is a challenge to win souls for Christ and bring more value to my office - Ayade.

HE, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade (KSJ)
Executive Governor of Cross River State.

The executive governor of Cross River State Senator Prof. Ben Ayade (KSJ) has expressed his thoughts concerning his recent initiation into the knighthood of Saint Joseph International of the Roman Chatolic Church. Stating that his challenge as a knight is that of soul winning for God, even as he promised to bring more value to his office as govenor of the state.

Ayade who spoke to news men in Calabar shortly after his initiation revealed that the knight of Saint Joseph is all about service to humanity, charity, empathy,  and brotherhood, stating that this is a call to greater service to humanity through the winning of Souls for God.

"And I think this is the highest level you can rise to. Where you have risen above, the physical, the monden, the material, the worldly things and now you are going towards that celestial journey.

"...I am challenged to do more, especially in the vineyard of the lord and in service to humanity. This is the rededication of my life to God for giving me health, wealth and life and for giving me opportunity to serve humanity and by the instrumentality of equity and charity, I will do much more for humanity. 
And that I will bring more value to my office to greatest service of mankind". Ayade told Cross Riverians. 

The governor who was innitiated into the knighthood over the weekend said the challenge is an intresting one that will give him the opportunity to grow spirtually, stating that having undergone the rudiments and trainings as a knight, he now fully appreciates the commitments of knighthood which centers on charity and service to mankind. He therefore, retirated his commitment to ensuring he use his new office to better the lives of Cross Riverians. 

"I see it as an interesting challenge and because its an interesting challenge, it gives me an opportunity to grow better and stronger Spiritually.

"Being made a knight today, after several days of training and indoctrination, I am more convinced that I now have a better understanding about the knighthood. Its about Charity, its about service to mankind. Unlike the kind of theories we had back then while we were growing up as little kids.

"Today, you an angel of God, a messenger of God a warrior of God to conquer Souls spiritually, you are in a spiritual battle for the upliftment of humanity in order to assist Jesus Christ who came to earth to achieve his target. His target is winning souls.

"Irrespective of religion, my challenge therefore, as a knight is to win souls for God". He concluded.