Monday, 5 August 2019

Whither Green Carnival By Goddie A. Akpama

31st July, 2019

The Cross River State government has admitted to bringing down 28, 000 trees for its elusive superhighway project. It is actually mind boggling that such number of trees has been lost actually, and that is threatening the state's status as one of the very few biodiversity hotspots in the world with nothing to show but pains and misery, wherever the bulldozers passed through.
Just when one starts to feel that there is nothing this government can do that would shock anyone anymore, it still goes ahead to prove everyone wrong, seeking further depths of inanity and absurdity one could never even have imagined.
In the string of ridiculousness that has trailed this administration, the latest is the Green Carnival to flag off the planting of one million trees. It is quite unthinkable that the governor, who just returned from almost a month of unexplained absence, would just come back and shut down the state, especially, the capital, Calabar, declaring a public holiday in the name of wanting everyone to come out and plant trees, when 28,000 tress were uprooted in  Akpabuyo- Akamkpa- Ikom-Etung and Boki forest... but today trees are planted ;only  in Calabar metropolis  (State Housing Estate) where trees are already a beauty.
Why doesn't the governor tell Cross Riverians the real truth about this spontaneous Green Carnival? Don't forget he incorporated this particular type carnival into the month-long festivities that mark the annual Calabar Festival every December. Where did the idea come from? Was it a brain wave? Why the fanfare? Why stop productivity in the state ,needlessly , by declaring a public holiday? 
So you get people to wear uniforms and take to the streets in the name of a carnival, and to plant trees just out of the blues? What really is the plan here? How would this be sustained? The questions are endless.
The Ethiopian government on Monday July 29th.  planted over 350 million trees in a single day in a well thought out programme in its bid to fight deforestation and climate change. Ethiopian Minister of innovation and technology said 353, 633, 600 seedlings were planted in 12 hours on Monday. Yet there was no jamboree, no hullabaloo, but less than a thousand digital trees were planted in less than 8 hours for a One Hundred Million Naira (100,000,000)
 What a joke on our collective  sensibilities.

 What is the essence of the jamboree in Cross River? The money sunk (100 Million Naira) into this dance party called Tree planting  is talk for another day.

Cross River State already had the enviable status of being a clean and green state, a feat, achieved by Mr Donald Duke, who worked assiduously towards this, without embarking on unnecessary shows. Needless to say this status has suffered a considerable blow.
We all know the governor does not feel obligated to explain anything to anyone or answer any questions. But, I want to say it is quite suspicious that this is coming when there is an international grant for the purpose of planting trees as well as Land acquisition. 
But, are we really planting trees??? What we keep getting is lies and allowing  lies take our future away for one soul reason. We are too gullible to accept Truth.

The Green Carnival is just a show to attract the world's attention through media reports that the government is embarking on something massive in the area of tree planting to attract the funds. We all know the governor is quite desperate for funds at this time. 
I know a lot of people would come for me as been  attempted by one of the Governor's former aide Mr. Chris Ogar Idang. (Tormentor)
 All of Ogar Idang' s  threat to my life, and his boost  to kill me ( with his boys)  should be known to all Crossriverians!!, 
Alll for reasons of  making my feelings known....
 I  say the feelings of a greater percentage of Cross Riverians, yes I doo.

For those looking for appointments and whatnot from Ayade's  government, hence their inability to speak up even when they see the state tottering to the brink, I just want to say the end of it would be very embarrassing for us all. Where the governor is leading this state to is very gloomy. Cross Riverians need to know the truth. They deserve to know the truth. Cross Riverians should wake up. The end of the days of food on the table is near.......(in the reverse. )
See Something Say Something to Save Cross River State..
Thank you.