Monday, 2 September 2019

Did Ayade or his aide just lie? By Obaji Akpet


Just a moment ago the social media was awash with statements by overwhelmingly serious aides - aides who are good flower bearers not letting our newest knight's fall on bare ground without a quick beatification of the very words that experience has taught us not to take seriously because how most times they can be so easily forgotten.

According peddlers of the knight's words: "A man who is begging and can't get what he wants he begins to blackmail the state, that's  not Journalism.

 Fortunately, the period of blackmailing is over, the period of writing nonsense and earning a living is over. Because, _"No matter what you write you can't change the truth" HE Sen. Sir. Prof. Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade KSJ. 

It's amazing how the same governor (knight) who made this statement against Agba Jalingo will distance itself with his arrest... Or did our self styled governor forget this as well? Maybe the governor made this statement, as usual unchecked... Or did Christian Ita, whom I have always revered at journalistic realms write this without noticing the obvious juxtaposition of his release with the glaring often unchecked statement of his principal...? Does this make one person a liar, maybe our newest knight in town whose knighthood we are still in heaven's court to summon the least available justification.