Monday, 9 September 2019

Marina Resort Calabar and the disturbing trend of hard drugs by youths

 ...A serious concern for all

Marina Resort Calabar is one of the tourists centres carved for leisure by former Governor Donald Duke in May 26, 2007 to promote tourism in Calabar. It is notable as a recreational and learning destination.

Sadly, activities in the resort is now at it's lowest ebb as some young Nigerians in the city of Calabar now finds it attractive as a cool spot for taking of illicit drugs.

The resort, known for its coolness, cleanliness, greeness and serenity, also house the Slave Trade Museum and other artifacts for researchers, tourists and students on study trips.

The slave trade museum used to be the point of call where thirty percent of captured slaves where shipped off to Europe.

A visit to the resort shows that some young Nigerians residing in Calabar are now having a swell time with drugs at the resort.

Just at the extreme site of the resort, where chicken pepper soup, fish barbecue and suya are been sold under the big trees, shows that young teens between the ages of 15-22 (boys and girls) now indulge in hard drugs around that spot.

These young dudes who were six in number; young boys and girls, had wraps of cannabis (igbo) with them including shisha, tramadol and other substances. They could smoke freely without any hindrance, either from the resort management or security agencies. The men at the entrance of the resort are only interested in the revenue collection of hundred naira per visitor into the resort.

I had a chat with one of the sellers on the activities of the youths in that spot and the response I got was "ogar, you never see anything, these small boys and girls the smoke big big things o".

This is quite worrisome for our society, Cross River and the future of our youths because involvement in drugs at an early age can truncate one's future with adverse health challenges.

The Slave Trade Museum in the resort is highly under patronised and visited; some of these youths have so much to learn there-in, but they choose the path of drugs.

Sadly, when some of these youths fall sick, their pictures will go viral on social media platforms, soliciting for N1,000 support from each member of the public to treat their liver and kidney challenges.

As a matter of urgency, the management of the resort should checkmate this act and liaise with the NDLEA to curb this ugly trend and sanitise the resort for tourists

George Odok writes from Calabar, Cross River State