Wednesday, 25 September 2019

OMG! :See what Peace Corps boss said about youths in C'River state on World Peace Day

Dr. Okweche Dominic,
 commandant, CRS Command

Full Speech read by Dr. Okweche Domini c Cross River State Commandant, Peace Corpse of Nigerian on the occasion of the International Day of Peace Celebration held in Calabar, dated 21st September 2019.


It is my deepest joy to once again, join the host of federal, States and local governments of Nigeria; the corporate private business sector, none governmental organisations and indeed, the well-meaning individuals across the globe, to commemorate this year's United Nations International Day of Peace with the theme "Climate Action for Peace".

Recall that September 21 of each year has been designated by the United Nations (UN) as the official date to commemorate the International Day of Peace across the globe. This marked day for Peace was instituted by the UN in 1981, as part of efforts to strengthen the ideals of peace among all the nations and people of the world. The occasion calls on all individuals and organizations to initiate, support and promote ideas, programmes and actions to encourage global peace, in line with the specific theme of the year's celebration. As an affiliate of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Peace Corps of Nigeria, Cross River State Command, other State Commands and indeed, the National Headquarters, have been celebrating the International Day of Peace annually since 2012. From the UN's theme, we have adopted 'Climate Action for Peace: the role of youth in protecting our environment.'

A life of peace cannot be equated to anything in the world as it is the source of age longevity and harmony for all of mankind. From across all works of life, the sentiments of aggression and disregard for man's humanity has gradually gained prominence and clouded the judgement of truth, love and charity. This aggression and disregard has brought about more sorrow in the African continent and other parts of the world. Youths in Nigeria are scattered across states with no jobs or equitably competitive ground to thrive. Thousands are unable to gain basic education to at least, use and fit into the system; the girl child on the other hand, is marginalise, rushed into child marriage or molested while kidnapping and thuggery continues to gain high grounds across board. Nigeria now deepens into chaos with the current religious intolerance, sectorial killings and corrupt political crave for power.

I wish to state that it is important for political office holders to give opportunity to our youths by creating avenues for exploring their potentials. It would also do the country a lot of good if our security outfits maintain a proactive approach to the pockets of conflicts ensuing across states so that youths and indeed, the masses can be reassured of a safe haven in the country. Religious intolerance and social disharmony can never bring development for as long as people use violence to combat violence, we shall always have violence inhibiting love and charity which is the epitome of true peace for mankind.

Because of the frontline positions youths occupy in every country, their strength, wealth of mind and body go a long way to achieving nation building and a safe environment. They can become promoters of peace by changing global attitude of man towards man; influence ideals in acculturation, traditions and religious belief. At the international scene, the youths can become peace ambassadors of their respective countries, promoting exchange programs in education, sports, culture, science and technology.

It is also pertinent for us to keep in mind that peace cannot be achieved when the quest for inflaming conflict persists. When conscious efforts are not made to stall the hate that we are witnessing in Nigeria, the peace we envisage will continue to elude us and remain a mirage. Peace is necessary for a better world; it is fundamental for a better tomorrow if such a tomorrow can come for the unborn child. Using the current crisis of our country for analogy, the absence of peace has been responsible for the deaths of many. It has created a lacuna where the Easterner, Northerner, Southerner or Westerner, can no longer see a person from another geopolitical zone as a sister or brother. Sadly, this has brought about the ruins in several countries of the world. 

This year's Peace Day Celebration, with the theme "Climate Action for Peace", is a call for prompt action by all men and women to lower greenhouse emissions, build resilience and improve education on climate change. It encourages countries to build greener and more resilient economies. A safer environment depicts a safe haven for business to thrive and also, promoting healthy living. The United nations is thus encouraging the business sector, industrialists; local production units and indeed, all environmental and ecology practitioners to join hands in educating the masses; checkmate the conscious efforts of man geared towards polluting the atmosphere and climate actions against peace.

In the words of former President Barrack Obama, ''The peace we seek in the world begins in human hearts. And it finds its glorious expression when we look beyond any differences in religion or tribe, and rejoice in the beauty of every soul'' While appreciating you for being part of this event, I urge all Cross Riverians and indeed Nigerians to give peace a chance; maintain a healthy environment; support youth development at all levels and make peace promotion the most priority as we learn how to live in peace in all circumstances. I thus say may God bless you all and also bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria