Monday, 9 September 2019

When sex and cooking isn't enough: C'River female student advises women folks

Miss Blessing Ekpo, CEO Bless Foundation

A Cross River State born female student miss Blessing Ekpo has taken to a time line on Facebook to advise the female folks on marital issues as it concerns playing a supporting role to their spouses. 

Miss Ekpo who is also a campus entrepreneur, the CEO of Bless Foundation admonished women to ensure they play vital financial roles in the building of their homes such as assisting in the payment of electricity, water and other bills, stating that allowing the entire financial burden on the man is likely to lead to the man's early grave. 

The post which has since generated several comments reads thus: 


Women, Please help your husbands to live longer by supporting him in one way or the other. Coz stress can make a man aged and can even send him to early grave.

While his paying children school bills pls support him with other bills like "water bill, Electricity bill, Waste disposal bill, Dstv etc"

While his paying house rent at the main time pls support him with food stuffs in the store room.

When his Building, pls support both parent with monthly payment. It's a two way thing you know!

Don't let your husband encure debt just to satisfy your needs. Be contented coz life is a process of time.

Don't sit there and watch him die of stress just to please your selfish desires. You should build your home with your hands

Go shopping for your Husband, He needs to look good for you.

Support a man doesn't really mean sex and cooking in the kitchen. You also have a major role to play in your marriage and that also include waking up and doing something "Business or work".

stop hating his family members, you should support them instead and remember sometimes they need your presence and advice as a wife.

Being a virtuous woman: is about living a life with purpose, diligence and forgiveness. But so many women out there today don't care about these attributes of a good woman but fashion and make-up is the other of the day.

Women, Marriage is not a rescue mission ok. Don't just sit there and think He will kill himself for you. No_way

Go and do Business or work to support your home and stop calling your ex-boyfriends in the secret to send you money.

If you hear what those ex-boyfriends say about you/your husband behind then you will rather prefer to be a cleaner in the bank than beg them for money. Remember the reputation of your marriage also rest in your hands so protect it and respect your husband

May God Give Us Understanding. 

Miss Blessing Ekpo who is a final year student of Estate Management in the prestigious Cross River University of Technology can be a good resource to speak to young singles as well as a great mentor to generation next. 

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Blessing can be reached  through 08067479091