Saturday, 26 October 2019

Cancer walk: Owan Enoh does not need to buy popularity, suporter defends ex-senator over social media attack

Graphic design of Senator Owan supporting the Cancer Awareness Walk 

Ukorebi Esien | 26th October 2019 

Social Media space, Facebook in particular had gone agog last night with a post made by Mrs. Mary Ekpere, DG National Centre for Women Development, accusing the former senator representing Central Senatorial District of Cross River State in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly, Sen. John Owan Enoh of trying to gain relevance through claiming ownership of the Cancer Awareness Walk holding in Abuja today. 

As the heat and attack on the person of the Ex-Senator and gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State in the just concluded General elections grew stronger, a strong suporter and fan of the Senator, Bar. Ekpenyong Akiba has come out to the defense of the senator, stating that the senator doesn't buy popularity as he has been very outstanding in all sense of the word. 

Mrs. Mary Ekpere's post reads thus:

Dear God I thank u immensely from saving my dear state CRS from a liar. What a shame Owan to claim a program he knows nothing about I am speechless. What a shame? Haba !

According to Akiba, he decided to come out in defends of the senator because the activities of evil men will engulf the society when good men remain silent, therefore he owes Cross Riverians and Social Media users a duty to debunk the recent Facebook post made by Mrs. Mary Ekpere in an attempt to smear the image of the senator. 

Akiba explained that senator Owan never stole or claim ownership of the Cancer Awareness Walk as he had followed up the senator with a private chat when grapical images of the senator's participation in the walk was publiced on social media. 

He revealed that he had suggested to senator Owan, to further promote the event in a local radio back home in the state, but the senator declined stating that he wasn't the organizer of the event but a partaker and rather suggested that the radio promotion be reserved for his own project which has to do diabetis in November. 

A screen shot of the chat is seen below: 

Akiba therefore, questioned how such a sincere answer from an innocent philanthropist would amount to stealing of another person's work? 

"Based on his response, it's evidentially clear that for all intents and purposes, he never claimed ownership as erroneously alleged by the DG Mary Ekpere, he only stated as he is known for in his usual manner and characteristics of his support and promotion which his personality is synonymous with".

"Just for purposes of clarity I've been forced to make this privileged private conversation between me and the distinguished senator public due to the malicious post making rounds on the social Media, particularly several comments on our party platform. 

"For the records, from my little relationship, investigation and interaction, senator Owan Enoh is not a man that buys popularity, he has been very outstanding in all sense of the word. I'll advice the masterminds of the post to not only apologize but to also repent for who God has blessed no man can curse". He concluded.