Sunday, 13 October 2019

Gov Ayade plans to become a Judge - Enrolls For LLM In Nearby University Of Calabar - Aiyekooto reporters

The name Ayade is fast become a regular visitor  with the Media .If not for his industrialisation strides, digital articulations and projections in Governance, it would be for his very recent clampdown on Journalists and wars of supremacy with the State Judiciary.

Senator Ben Ayade, a man of candor and style, who recently was inducted into the Knighthood of Saint Molumba of the Catholic Church, earning him the title, Sir Ben Ayade,is the present Governor of Cross River State, although,not needing any introduction, is reported to have an eye on the Bench after his political Carreer. This,according to our Source, was made known by His Excellency himself during a courtesy visit by the newly elected Exco of the Calabar Branch of the MBA led by Dr Paul Ebiala, it's Chairman. 

Aiyekooto Reporters gather that, Sir Ben Ayade, who is a Lawyer, duly called to the Nigerian Bar,has not hidden his desire to become a Judge of the High Court Of Cross River State after his tenure as Executive Governor. Competing for preference, our Source reveals, is also the Governor's desires to vie for the Senatorial seat of the Cross Rivet State Northern Senatorial District comprising, Obudu, Ogoja, yala, Obanlikwu and bekwara Local Government Areas.of Cross River State.

Part of his preparations has seen his Excellency working very hard to ensure candidates of his choice are appointed Judges and Chief Judges in quick successions, Having successfully had his brother appointed a High Court Judge under the Justice Onnonghen led National Judicial Council,also successfully had another of his kinsman from the Northern Senatorial District appointed a Judge under the 2017 NJC Appropriation. In 2018, our Source confirms, Sir Ayade fell out with the NJC in his bid to have another of his close Associates appointed a Judge. Having failed, Ayekooto Reporters has it on authoritative Source, the Governor has refused to swear in the new Judges appointment by The NJC without his preferred Candidate, a certain Senior State Counsel in the ministry of Justice.

If However,His Excellency succeeds  in his bid to have Hon. Justice Eneji, his preferred Candidate  appointed the Next Chief Judge by the Exit of the Current Chief Judge, whose tenure is to expire by November 2019, becoming a High Court Judge might just be one of the many achievements of His Excellency who is presently a professor and a one time distinguish  Senator from the Northern Cross River State.

It is believed  that it is for this reason the Governor has enrolled recently to do a masters Degree programme in the University of Calabar.

A masters Degree in Law under the Extant NJC rules might serve as an added advantage in lieu of Contested Judgements,for the Governor, together with his plethora of ground breaking  Researches and the invention to his credit. Although, never a practising Lawyer, Governor Ayade is said to stand the chance of being appointed if his preferred Candidates are eventually appointed in quick succession coupled with his lecturing experience in a reputable University.

What is not clear however is whether The NJC Guidelines which require a candidate for appointment from the Academia, among others, to be a law Lecturer in a reputable University with evidence of Legal Works and researches,can be twisted and or amended to favour the Governor who although,has been a Lecturer in Epoma university,but never ever teaching Law. 

Aiyekooto Reporters wish His Excellency, the Digital Governor success in his endeavours.