Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Let the spirit of Enterprise spread! by Anthony Bisong

I really don't have a problem with the Spirit of Enterprise. It is a worthy and a commendable government initiative. I only desire that it spread beyond a one man show for the benefit of Cross River State.

However, i have a problem with the fact that the Spirit of Enterprise and Food on the Table are two policies at war with each other. This ideological conflict is what is really killing business in Cross River State.

A situation where Government is the ONLY ONE in business, building and running Calachika, Garment Factory, Cocoa Processing Industry, Noodles Company, Calapharm, Rice Seedlings Company, Toothpick Factory etc while no provision is made for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SME) is at best sole proprietorship.

The situation is so bad that even if you offer free training to enable Cross Riverians acquire entrepreneurial skills, they won't take it serious because of poor business incentives. The reason for the forgoing is because everybody is queueing, cap and plate in hand to draw free Food from government Table.

Today, an average Cross Riverian is in politics, not because of what they can offer but because of what they can get from the vault of government coffers. The result of this unfortunate scenario reflects on the anxiety that has eclipsed our political firmament. Consequently, there is undue pressure on government to meet up the daily need of her citizenry. Too bad!

Juxtapose this reality with government's rhetorics couched in the famed 'Spirit of Enterprise' leaves every discerning mind with the tasking question of government's sincerity of purpose. Is the Spirit of Enterprise only meant to draw national and international attention to government's one man show or are the citizens considered as critical stakeholders in our new enterprise oriented economy? 

If this Spirit of Enterprise is ONLY aimed at turning us to an 'army of employees' and not building us into strong and viable captains of industries, then it is nothing more than an EVIL SPIRIT.

May the Spirit of Enterprise lead us well
Make we no fall enter inside well

Comrade Anthony Bissong Attah
Convener, Coalition of CRS Civil Society Organizations.