Sunday, 27 October 2019

OMG: What Betta Edu plans to do on her Birthday will shock you

Dr. Betta Edu 

Ukorebi Esien | 27th October 2019 

The erstwhile Director General of the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, and a current member of the Cross River State economic council, Dr. Mrs. Betta Edu is set to once again write her name in gold as she celebrate her birthday today, 27th October 2019.

Disclosing her intent in a close WhatsApp group, the pretty Edu said she has decided to turn around the fortune of a former driver who lost his means of Livelihood and health to a hit and run driver sometime last year. 

Edu said she ran into the elderly man last week while driving along the streets of Calabar, on sighting him, her humane nature came alive, this made her go after the man to inquire more about him and possibly see how to assist him. 

She further disclosed that she has decided to set aside the sum of (N250, 000) Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only, to cater for the man's immediate needs as her spirit won't find peace if she fails to assist in any little way she can despite her numerous financial commitments. 

Her post reads thus: 

"As a birthday give away I will be investing one quarter of a million naira to pull this handicapped man out of poverty. 

I will tell you his short story.  Last week I was driving up barracks road when I saw this man, who can't stand straight or walk tall. I wanted to drive pass but my spirit said I must help him. 

I tried to convince myself that I didn't have and I was helping too many others but my spirit won't let me move any further... I had to reverse back... park the car and chase after him... 

while I was struggling with myself he already made a left into the next street, I had to follow him because I knew if I don't help him I can't sleep". 

He said he was a driver and was working and fending for his family until he was hit by a run away driver ... it affected his spine and since then he has been deformed. He lives in an incomplete Building near barracks road... so we will change his story by Gods grace".

Dr. Betta Edu has in time past made headlines for similar gesture, notably amongst all her humanity based activities is the rescue of a malnurished three year old child she picked up who is currently doing well.

As she celebrate her birthday today, the social media space is already saturated with messages from Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike. 

Happy birthday to the indelible beautiful smart and intelligent Betta Edu, from all of us at TDN