Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Owan concedes defeats, says he accepts Tribunal's unpleasant judgment


After a deep personal reflection in addition to consulting with largely other candidates
of our party who approached the Elections Petition Tribunal, l've arrived at the hard
decision not to proceed to the Court of Appeal with our governorship election petition.
As you are well aware, the ruling of the State Governorship Election Tribunal was clearly
at variance with the tenable evidence presented by our legal team. From the outset,
our vision was to offer the much desired service to the masses of our people and proffersolutions to a myriad of their problems. Unfortunately, the tribunal decided to wear
blinders to concrete facts and truth.

Having appraised our position on the matter going forward, l've chosen to put an end
to the legal tussle" On that note, l've accepted the unpleasant judgment and decided to
put the past behind me as I look forward to a brighter political future in the years ahead.
I wish to therefore call on my teeming supporters and members of our great party, theAll Progressives Congress (APC) across the length and breadth of the State to honour mydecision in the circumstance. ln the same vein, I would implore all of you to remain
calm and law abiding as you have always been.
 I must confess that your support and
resilience have taken me thus far and I pledge to continue to work with all of you as we
content for a better Cross River State. What I have is nothing but love and kindness in
my heart for you and the entire State.

Given the controversial disposition of INEC in the build up to the election and the conduct of its personnel, l wish to state unequivocally, that my decision not to go on appeal should not be seen as an acceptance of the flawed organization of the election. That said, l wish to urge all my supporters to join the Honourable Minister and otherleaders of our party in rebuilding the party and healing of any political rift.

Thank you for your understanding and God bless Cross River State.

Distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh 
(Cross River State APC Governorship Candidate 2019.)