Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Abi/Yakurr Rerun: John Gaul to Egbona, "let's go to the field, no room for negotiation"

The battle for the soul of Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency has been taken to another dimension by the release of a press statement signed by Mr. Azogor Ideba, director of media of Rt Hon. John Gaul Lebo. 

The release reads in full: 

Attention Abi/Yakurr PDP Stakeholders

We have been inundated with text messages originated by Egbala Edom calling for a select Abi/Yakurr stakeholders meeting to resolve the political contest between Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo and Hon Alex Egbona. Egbala Edom in the missive being circulated also suggests a delegation to meet His Excellency Senator Liyel Imoke with a view to resolving the political impasse.

In view of the foregoing, we wish to categorically state the following:

That Egbala Edom is serving the interest of the APC and Alex Egbona, as previous antecedents shows that Egbala Edom never supported the PDP candidate before and during the election but rather supported the APC candidate.

It is on record that during the last election, Egbala Edom was seen canvassing support for our opponent (APC candidate), and just few days ago, he was busy placing calls to PDP faithful in Ekureku urging them to subvert the party's interest in the yet to be fixed rerun election by working for our opponent (APC candidate).

Clearly, Egbala Edom is a biased party and only wants to use the puported meeting to advance the interest of the APC candidate.

The last time we checked, His Excellency Senator Liyel Imoke is still a member of the PDP and a very interested party in the affairs of the PDP in the state. It is only nonsensical for anybody to even contemplate Imoke as an arbiter in the political dispute between a PDP candidate and an APC candidate, if not conceived out of mischief.

The contest between John Gaul Lebo and Alex Egbona will be resolved through the ballot on any date set aside by INEC and not by the midwifery of some meddlesome interloper.

We therefore call on all PDP stakeholders from Abi and Yakurr to disregard such move by Egbala Edom as it is not in the interest of the party neither is it in the interest of Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo who is the candidate of the PDP for the federal constituency election.

We disassociate ourselves from such sinister move and urge PDP faithful from Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency to do same.

      Signed :
      Azogor Ideba
      Director of Media & Publicity,
      John Gaul Lebo Campaign
       Organization 12/11/2019.