Thursday, 7 November 2019

Ayade makes Ripple's list of 5 worst performing governors in Nigeria

As the monthly accessement of governors performance in Nigeria by Ripples continues, Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has been listed amongst the 5 worst performing governors for the month of September. 

Ripples being an online publication with a commitment to good governance started the series of accessing Nigeria's governors performance in August, 2019, hoping  that, through these special publications, they would engender a competitive spirit between and among the governors and ultimately drive our nation toward the path of lifting its citizens from abject poverty to prosperity.

For September 2019, the paper presented a ranking of Nigerian governors, highlighting top 5 and bottom 5, with Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq of Kwara State leading the list of the 5 Top performing governors. 

According to the editor of the paper Prof. Ben Ayade completes the Bottom 5 list of governors in Nigeria for his aversion to criticism and dissent.

The report reads, "We note that he is gradually becoming notorious for vehemently rejecting dissent and criticism, a trait that threatens to dim whatever good work he may be doing in the South South state.

We acknowledge that, though Ayade is taking positive steps to grow the state economy through investments in agriculture and cottage industries, his aversion to criticism and use of security agents to harass and victimize perceived critics, have overshadowed whatever good works attributed to his administration.

Ayade should be disturbed, just as we are, that his instigated arrests of Agba Jalingo,  now languishing in Calabar Prison for allegedly criticizing the governor and Joseph Odok, an indigene of Cross River State, have been thoroughly condemned as abuse of office.

We affirm that, in both cases, the rights of the two individuals to freedom of speech, association and fair hearing are being trampled upon. Failure to uphold the most important of the rights of the people is the worst of failures on the part of the governor".