Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Ayade a Multi-Faceted Dynamic revolutionist

Ayade in Agriculture: Building A World Leading Rice Market for C'river State while developing Cocoa, Poultry etc for potential exploration.

Ayade in Health: Strengthening our Primary Health-Care Sector through a dynamic approach and revamping our Hospitals even to rural communities. Provision of alternative quick response service through the purchase of tones of tricycle ambulance vehicles for rural settlements. 

Ayade in Tourism & Entertainment:
Addition of key spices to the biggest street party in Africa, the carnival Calabar - the international carnival features. 
Setting the pace in Virtual entertainment, playing host to the world's glamour and holding pattern to the "Climate Change" rhetorics.
Sponsorship of local artiste and performing arts, a clear window for geometric growth. 

Ayade in Sports: Encouraging raw and young talents through constant sports sponsorship programs and establishments of over 5 State owned and managed Football and other sports team.

Ayade in Massive Industrialization: Diversification of our economy through creation of viable industries to drive our GDP with a pure blend of our trademark, Tourism. 

Ayade in Human Developmental: Considering the economic indices and comparative advantage of developing of human structure, Ayade refocuses a major percentage of the State's resources in that cause. 

Ayade in Alternative Approach to Energy Generation:
 Understanding the zero reliability status of suppliers and economic implications within the State, Ayade develops an alternate solution through an ultra modern 23Megawatt power plant which has undergone a successful test and currently undergoing minor upgrade.

Ayade in ICT:
 Clearly developing a road map for the State through the Smart City initiatives to drive innovations and development through a technological approach. 

Ayade in philanthropic engagements:
Despite the responsibility of running a state with very lean resource and high pressuring demands and dwindling revenue, Ayade a man who with a heart of care creates viable means of providing means of livelihood for the downtrodden.

As of today, Cross River State is the only State in Nigeria that has tax exclusion for petty and small scale businesses. 
Others are The AyadeCare - a health outreach scheme for the very poor and vulnerable. AyadeBus to aid of movement across the length and breadth of Cross River State at very minute amount, AyadeFoodBank - an initiative created to put food on table of those who can't afford and many more, speaks volume. 

Everyday in Cross River State, HE Sir Ben Ayade reminds us that "we don't have to give because we have enough but because we care enough"

#Ayade of Africa

-Andrea Ekeng Inyang
SA Strategic Communications