Saturday, 30 November 2019

Submission of 3 commissioners nominees: Why I tagged it "Fake New" - Chris Njah

Hon. Chris Njah Mbu-Ogar
Member Representing Etung in the CRSHA 

Ukorebi Esien

The Honourable member representing Etung in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Chris Njah has come out to explain why he tagged a publication credited Efio-Ita Nyok, publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN as "Fake News".

According to his explanation exclusively made known to TDN, the Lawmaker said it is true that the Governor had initially sent three names to the House of Assembly for screening and confirmation, but as at the time of the said publication, the list had been withdrawn by the governor for reasons best known to him. Therefore, seeing the news item on social media even after the list has been withdrawn by the governor made me discredit the story. Calling it "Fake News" 

However, the lawmaker acknowledged that the bloggers who shared the story on social media were further vindicated as the governor on a second thought resent the list to the house for consideration. Explaining, further he said should the governor not had resent the list the bloggers' story wouldn't have been actual and he would have been seen to be correct to tag the story as fake news.

According to the lawmaker, both him and the bloggers who shared the story were wrong and correct at different points in time. He however, called for an effective collaboration between Newsmen, especially those in the new media and the legislative arm of government.

Hon. Chris Njah, who recently celebrated his 43rd birthday with his family and colleagues has been in the polity of Cross River State, Etung in particular for more than two decades beginning from his days as the first NACRISS president as an undergraduate and later became Special Adviser to intergovernmental affairs, Abuja Liaison office and he currently he sits at the Cross River State House of Assembly where he consciously and meticulously speaks for the good people of Etung local government area.

Photos from the birthday celebration:

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