Wednesday, 4 December 2019

2023 CR Governorship; Why it is not too early to know our aspirants

For some, the talk about who takes over from Governor Ben Ayade is rather too early considering the fact that it is barely 6 months he was sworn into office after a resounding second term victory but for others, the office of the executive governor of a State is a big deal hence anybody who aspires for it, must begin to show that he or she has what it takes to withstand the high demands that comes with it.

Until recently, my thoughts were in complete alignment with the proponents of 'IT IS TOO EARLY' but after a careful analysis of recent history and the abysmal performance of people we have barely known yet promoted to offices they ordinarily should never occupy,  I think they is need for us to begin to encourage Cross Riverians with governorship aspirations to make public their ambition else we fall into the hands of 'election year 'empowerers' and philanthropist and people who make friends only when it is an election season.

Cross River State has gotten to the stage where it does not need just anybody to be its governor. She needs a man/woman who knows what Tinapa and the obudu cattle ranch resort means to our tourism credentials and what can further be done to make them come alive. She needs somebody who knows the importance of a good motorable road to the Ovukwa people in OBUBRA LGA and what it means to have a well equipped health centers across our rural communities. She requires somebody who knows the importance of sustaining and further developing the industrialisation Initiative of the present government.

As Cross Riverians, we must begin to know the friends, associates and confidants of all those who seek the highest office of our land, their history and antecedents.This way, we can tell those whose governorship will either promote or reduce cultism. We can also be able to decipher those with good heads around them who would always call them to order. We can also be able to know those who would see nothing good in other people apart from their family members in the allocation of offices and appointments.

As they come to preach better welfare for Cross Riverians, we must begin to judge them from the people we see around them on a daily basis. Their aides and those who work for them in their various private companies for those in the private sector. How well they take care or have taken care of these people is a pointer to how well they would take Cross Riverians welfare seriously. Anything short of this, like we say, NA SCAM!

I am saying that come 2023, lets do things differently. Rather than wait till about few months to elections before knowing and accessing those seeking our support, this time around lets use the remaining three years to know and study our future pelegrino occupant.

To be continued...

Richard Romanus.